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Set in the Star Wars universe, Andor is a tense nail-biting spy thriller, which follows the adventures of a rebel spy Cassian Andor.

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Streams on:

Disney+, US at 3:00 am


48 min.


Returning Series

Created by:


4.36/5 (175 ratings)

More Info:

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Rix Road (+1 more)


Wed Nov 23, 2022


12, Special

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Sorry, no info about the next episode of Andor is available yet.

However, our last information about it is this:

Renewed - Series Will End With Season 2:

Episodes Guide and Summaries


as Cassian Andor
as Luthen Rael
as Syril Karn
as Mon Mothma
as Dedra Meero
as Bix Caleen
as Vel Sartha
as Cinta Kaz
as Major Partagaz


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Latest comments

Post New
by posted
I was hoping blond bitch was going to get just deserts only to be saved by that cretin who thinks he has been hard done by. clearly they will get married and have kids.
there is one story fail? the over spending senator on her rebel projects, why didnt she ask for some of the 80m credits stolen from the empire? no need for that final scene of her daughter and the thugs son
by posted
Who builds the droids that build the people that kidnap the droids to build the assembly line for the people kidnapper droids... at some point we're left with either an infinite regress or an un-built droid, perhaps the Maker C-3PO is always invoking :D
by posted
Didnt they say droids were more expensive and more difficult to create? In comparison to human labor
Im sure in one show they mentioned it, alsooo uprising and hacking etc
by posted
The Droids are Maxed out argument, compared to building massive elaborate underwater facilities for people? That don't make no sense! One assembly line for droids on some vacant moon would be fact, that's a reasonable plot line, kidnapping people to build the facility to build droids that build droids for the part for the death star, totally works! We solved it! :lol:
by posted
I obviously haven't thought about this as much as you but perhaps all the droid factories are maxed out making droids to work on the death star, where prisoners and slaves can't work because space?

And i've started threads. The joke was general in that Lighton appears nearly instantaneously if you start a show thread without including all the stuff in the new show thread instructions. It's possible there are Candyman- or Beetlejuice-style methods as well but I only know about the one
by posted
They could build droids to make droids to make that death star part, AND humans are weaker than droids and harder to maintain with food, shelter, and oxygen, AND there's risk getting injured in kidnapping men, AND there's political risk in human trafficking, and of course, rebellion in the face of injustice, and so on, its ridiculous.

The plot only works if they coerced people to make something a droid can't manufacture or accomplish, like the scientists in Rogue One.
by posted
:D :lol:
by posted
Try making a new show thread without the proper things included, it's a sure summon :D
by posted
paisley1 said:
8 months later you respond, lolz, did you just watch it?

Hehe, no... :) But I don't always receive reply notification emails for some reason and then sometimes miss a post if I don't check threads manually.
by posted
lighton said:
paisley1 said:
As for the end credit scene....

...I can't believe they did a prison break story in the middle of this, so good, however, using the "droids are too expensive to manufacture and assemble those parts" argument was SUPER WEAK AND THIN, given the cost of building such an elaborate facility :rolleyes: , I mean, they had droids installing them on the Death Star, but whatever, a prison break made for great TV.

Hehe, yes, didn't make much sense, but a fully automated facility wouldn't have worked for the story. :cool:

8 months later you respond, lolz, ya I want to read the cost benefit analysis to using humans in multiple highly elaborate underwater facilities to build that Death Star part vs using droids in an old quonset...ridiculous, did you just watch it?