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Angel, a vampire with a soul, moves to LA to help people with supernatural problems and seek redemption. His past haunts him as he battles evil.

Angel's journey is filled with action, drama, and humor. He forms a team of misfits to fight demons, save lives, and confront his inner demons.

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60 min.




4.16/5 (63 ratings)

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as Wesley Wyndham-Pryce
as Charles Gunn
as Cordelia Chase
as Lorne
as Winifred "Fred" Burkle
as Harmony Kendall


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Latest comments

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by posted
I'll take the 30,000 on the left you take the 50,000 on the right.

Yea Illyra is pretty cool

Season 6 Comic Spoilers

Gunn dies 10minutes after the events of the finale and becomes a vampire.
Angel teams up with the dragon who turns out to be a good guy
Spike works with Connor in helping to save people
A year pass's and Gunn goes insane thinking he was the vampire from the prophecy
Wes who now has to work for the partners shows Angel that he is the true vampire of the prophecy and shows him he's working for evil
Angel realizes that the partner need him alive so he gets Gunn to kill him making them have to rewind time tell right before the fall of LA.
Gunn is rush to the hospital and doesn't become a vampire, but everyone still has memory's of the events in L.A.
by posted
aww i miss wesley and fred.... but there was a season six comic book... and it was pretty interesting ... i didn't read it all but i'm sure there's a collection somewhere. And i would've wanted to take down that dragon too! Angel ending was just awesome imo ;-)

Game of Thrones season 1. I read the book after watching the first season and they were pretty much the same thing.. but still so gooooood. The wolves and the imp are my faverit parts of that show.
by posted
I think I'll pass on that thanks :lol:

Oh and Illyria :rolleyes: Too bad she didn't have the time to grow as a character.
by posted
Spyder23 said:
Finished Angel too. Awesome end, though a sixth season would've been great.
Ok, what now? Finished Buffy&Angel, what's next in the fantasy area? Hit me.

Xena the Warrior Princess? XD
by posted
Finished Angel too. Awesome end, though a sixth season would've been great.
Ok, what now? Finished Buffy&Angel, what's next in the fantasy area? Hit me.
by posted
by posted
that is one of the best episodes of Angel :lol:
by posted
Angel is a puppet :lol: :lol: Halfway trough the episode.
by posted
Evil Cordy was kind of boring imo. Conner is annoying, but he becomes a lot less annoying in season five.

Season four of angel is my least favorite with were they went with Cordy and Conner storyline. Angelus was the highlight of that season. Season Five on the other hand is probably the best season.

Also the season four finale of Angel is kind of a let down if I remember right, I don't remember much about it, but I'm pretty sure that nothing really happens it's more like things don't happen and it goes out with a whimper...although it does set up the series finale of Buffy.
by posted
Yeah connor is annoying... i liked him better as a baby... but evil cordy is fun. But the season 4 ender was pretty epic if i remember it correctly.