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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 5 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Robots Everywhere
3Couples Skate
5Hoppy Bunny
6Laser Lenses
7Dummy Love
8The Marines
9Bible Fruit
SpecialAqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters
SpecialVOL 5 - Favorite Episode Promos
SpecialVOL 5 - Aqua Teen Hunger Force Responds to the Critics
SpecialVOL 5 - I Like Your Booty But I'm Not Gay Music Video
SpecialVOL 5 - ATHF Movie Premiere with Space Ghost
SpecialVOL 5 - Deleted Scenes - Grim Reaper Gutters
SpecialVOL 5 - Deleted Scenes - Moonajuana
SpecialVOL 5 - Deleted Scenes - Bart Oates
SpecialVOL 5 - Learn to Shred Like the Master
SpecialVOL 5 - Tera Patrick Eats a Hot Dog
SpecialVOL 5 - Granny Takes Her Top Off
SpecialVOL 5 - Space Ghost Coast to Coast Chambraigne
SpecialVOL 5 - ATHF Zombie Ninja Pro-Am Trailer
SpecialVOL 5 - The Worst Game Ever
SpecialVOL 5 - Horror Sequence Involving Ignignokt
SpecialAqua Teen Hunger Force Eighty Minutes of a Whole Nother Movie