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Astro Boy Season 1 - Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Birth of Astroboy
3Expedition to Mars
5Cross Island
6Grass Boy
7Zero, The Invisible Robot
8Silver Comet
9Hullabaloo Island
10The Spirit Machine
11Strange Voyage
12The Artifical Sun
13The Deep Freeze
14One Million Mammoth Snails
15Plant People
16The Vehicle, White Planet
17Robot Land
19Astro Boy vs. Garon
20Gaseous Beings
22Sea Serpent Island
23The Mutant
24The Submarine Kingdom
25The Deep-Underground Tank
27Planet Pearl
28Mad Machine
29The Memorable Day
30Fuhrer ZZZ
31The Black Cosmic Ray
32Hot Dog Corps
33Two Magicians
34Midoro Marsh
35The Human Farm
36The Religion of Pui Pui
38The Disturbed Small Planet
39Red Cat
40Neo Caesar
41X Bomb
42The Yellow Horse
43His Highness Dead Cross
44The Egyptian Conspirators
45Cleopatra's Necklace
46The Robot Spaceship
47The Cosmic Crab
48The Tenma Tribe
49Transparent Giant
50Astroboy Goes to the West
51The Little Elephant Pura
52The Snow Lion
53Goodbye 1963
54Duel on the Alps
55Rejuvenating Gas
56Earth Defense Army
57Robot School
58The Thirteen Mysterious Statues of God
59The Robot Buron X
60The Demon Bees
61Space Parasites
62The Phantom Ship
63The Artificial Iceberg
64Count Bat
65Brave Escapee
66The Space Viking
67Heroes of the Night
68Rebellion of the Dinosaur People
69The Secret of the Clock Tower
71The Last Day of Earth
727 Days of Drifting in Space
73Big Titan
74Earth Expedition
75Flying City
76The Monster Machine
77Cape Town Lullaby
78The World in Five Hundred Thousand Years
79Dr. Brain
80Humanoid Bill
81Dreaming Machine
82The Robot Olympics
83The Strange Bird, Garuda
84The Dolphin Civilization
85The Demented Beltway
86The Time Gun
87Princess Kaguya
88The Bacteria Corps
89Gomes' Ghost
90The Robot Fortress
91Garon's Counterattack
92Three Robot Knights
94Angel in the Alps
95The Evil Punch Card
96Robot Future
97Confrontation in Space
98Zeo's Legacy
99Little Columbus
100The Robot House
101The Unmapped World
102Queen of the Devils' Place
103Stairs Leading into Space
104The Devil's Balloon
105General Atom
106The Boy from Outer Space
107Release of the Earth
108Saturn Man
110Expedition on Mercury
111Robot Polymer
112Samson's Hair
113Back, the Country without Laughter
114Metro Monster
115The Big Runaway Safe
116The Biggest Robot on Earth (part one)
117The Biggest Robot on Earth (part two)
118Robot Grabby
119The Flying Lens
120Time Hunter
122The Monster Mantler
123Captain Dog
124Parting Gift
125Find the Bacteria
127The Experimental Robot
128Treasures of the Inca Empire
129Atom vs. Atom
130The Storm on Mars
131The Moon Champion
132Prince Louis
133Revenge After Ten Years
134Operation Escape
135The Robot-Dog Backy
136Inspector Jaguar
137Little Cooley
138A Long Day
139Astro Boy Stolen
140The King and Atom
141The Locomotive March
142Minya's Star
143Bird Street Story
144Lost Friendship
145Atom in the Deep Sea
146Report from the Future
147Mid-air Screen
148Robio and Robiet
149The Can Capriccio
150Miss Magnet
151Lonely Atom
152The Robot Bombs
153The Red Merry-Go-Round
154Blue Bird Story
155The Crazed Boundary
156Robot Mayor
157Gypsy's Star
158Funny Companion
159Devil and Angel
160The Golden Flute
161Dream-selling Aliens
162Operation Candy
163Road to Another World
164The Space Spider
165A Great Fuss over Babies
166The Jewel-Eating Monster
167Plenty of Balloons
168The Island That Jumped Up
169Gift from the Future
170Two Princesses
171Kutcher Forever
172The Herald Brothers
174The Great Submarine Canal
175Robot Wars (part one)
176Robot Wars (part two)
177The Gigantic Robot
178Chi-tan's Nighttime Adventure
179Blue Horseman (part one)
180Blue Horseman (part two)
181Ghost Manufacturing Machine
182Demented Cobalt
183Japanese People from Space
184Time War
185Star of Africa
186Monsters Come out at Night
187Baily's Legend
188Tengu of Kurama
189Confusion at the Shooting Studio
190Confusion at the Shooting Studio
191Wandering Roppi
192Medussa's Mansion
193The Greatest Adventure on Earth