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Astro Boy Season 2 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Birth of Astro Boy
2Astro Boy vs. Atlas
3The Robot Circus
4Saving our Classmate
5Astro Boy vs. Atlas II: The Resurrection of Atlas
6Robot Land
8Red Cat
9Astro Boy vs. Atlas III: Crystal of the Desert
10The Vehicle, White Planet
11The Robot President
12Damdam's Neck
13Lightning Man
14Tomboy Uran
15Robio and Robiet
16Adventure on Mars
17SOS on the Space Shuttle
18Astro Boy vs. Atlas IV: The Menacing Comet
19The Devil's Balloon
20Pook in Cruciform Island
21The Fool Ivan
22The Robot Who Lied
23The Girl from Alsore
24The Biggest Robot on Earth (part one)
25The Biggest Robot on Earth (part two)
26Astro Boy vs. Atlas V: The Violent Gang Gadem
27Major Operations by Black Jack
28The Great Adventure of Little Robot Sam
29Astro Boy vs. Atlas VI: The King of the Ice
30Uran and Uran
31Dash in a Storm
32Cleopatra's Mystery
33Astro Boy vs. Atlas VII: The Runaway Subway
34The Little Elephant Pura
35The Secret of Bee Island
36The Monster of Kuraken
37Rumy in Pochom-pochom Island
38Astro Boy vs. Atlas VIII: The Destruction of the Satellite & the Proton Gun
39The Stolen Sun
40Black Looks
41The Devil Garon
42Hurry, You Three Second-Rate Knights!
43Astro Boy vs. Atlas IX: Atlas Forever
44Space Leopard
45Uran's God
46Space Airport R45
47Spaceship in Imminent Danger
48Jinmen Iwa
49Uran Loves Hit Men
50The Devil's Place in Ordin
51Rage of the Sphinx
52Astro Boy's First Love