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Australian Survivor Season 11 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1We've All Seen This Movie
2The Invisible Hand
3The Cuddle Club
4B is for Blindside
5Where Angels Fear to Tread
6The Saboteur
7Get, or Get Got
8The Divorce
9Excited for the Actions
10Bad Hair Day
11It's Not Sarong, It's So Right
12To Infinity and Beyond
13Revenge is a Dish Best Served Russian
14A Line in the Sand
15Master and Apprentice
16The Wedge
17Floater or Flexible?
18The Best Actor Award
19How do Rainbows Work?
20Pride & Paranoia
21How to Build A Resume
22Dilemmas of the End
23A Nation of One
24The Fire That I Can Bring