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Batman: The Animated Series - Cast

as Batman
as Alfred
as Commissioner Gordon
as Robin
as Summer Gleeson
as Detective Bullock
as The Joker
as Officer Renee Montoya
as Officer Renee Montoya
as Twoface
as Mayor Hill
as Rupert Thorne
as Harley Quinn
as Catwoman
as Poison Ivy
as Penguin
as Batgirl
as Scarecrow
as Killer Croc
as Leslie Thompkins
as Veronica Vreeland
as Mr. Freeze
as Red Claw
as Stromwell
as Dick Grayson (Age 9)
as Judge Vargas
as Eagleton
as Sheldrake
as Falcone
as Maddog
as Gil Mason
as Janet Van Dorn
as Driver
as Boseman
as Dolan
as Berty
as Bus Driver
as Hugo Strange
as Dr. Lee
as Computer
as Dr. Gregory Belson
as Dean Arbagast