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Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Cat And The Claw (1)
2On Leather Wings
3Heart of Ice
4Feat Of Clay (1)
5Feat Of Clay (2)
6It's Never Too Late
7Joker's Favor
8The Cat And The Claw (2)
9Pretty Poison
10Nothing to Fear
11Be A Clown
12Appointment in Crime Alley
14The Clock King
15The Last Laugh
16Eternal Youth
17Two-Face (1)
18Two-Face (2)
19Fear of Victory
20I've Got Batman in My Basement
22Prophecy Of Doom
23The Forgotten
24Mad As A Hatter
25The Cape And Cowl Conspiracy
26Perchance To Dream
27The Underdwellers
28Night Of The Ninja
29The Strange Secret Of Bruce Wayne
30Tyger, Tyger
31Dreams In Darkness
32Beware The Gray Ghost
33Cat Scratch Fever
34I Am The Night
35Almost Got 'Im
36Moon Of The Wolf
37Terror In The Sky
38Christmas With The Joker
39Heart Of Steel (1)
40Heart Of Steel (2)
41If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?
42Joker's Wild
43His Silicon Soul
44Off Balance
45What Is Reality?
46The Laughing Fish
47Harley And Ivy
48The Mechanic
49The Man Who Killed Batman
51Robin's Reckoning (1)
52Birds Of A Feather
53Robin's Reckoning (2)
54Blind As A Bat
55Day Of The Samurai
56See No Evil
57The Demon's Quest (1)
58The Demon's Quest (2)
59Read My Lips
60Fire From Olympus