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BBC Documentaries Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
2The Moon
3The British Enlightenment
4Jonathan Ross in Search of Steve Ditko
5Only Yesterday - The Carpenters Story
6Car Crash: The Delorean Story
7Sea of Fire
8Hotel California - LA from the Byrds to the Eagles
9The Comet's Tale
10The Satellite Story
11The Last 48 Hours of Kurt Cobain
12Richard Hammond Meets Evel Knievel
13Rover - The Long Goodbye
14Pavarotti: A Life in Seven Arias
15What Did You Do in the Great War, Daddy?
16Ian Hislop's Scouting for Boys
17Wainwright: The Man Who Loved the Lakes
18The Dodo's Guide to Surviving Extinction
19Beryl's Last Year
20Blondie: One Way or Another
21Queens of Disco
28Gambling in Las Vegas
29Ultimate Wild Water
30Once Upon a Time in New York: The Birth of Hip Hop, Disco and Punk
31Vienna: City of Dreams
32Guys and Dolls
33China's Terracotta Army
34Rageh Inside Iran
35The Pink Floyd Story - Which One's Pink
36The Most Hated Family in America
37Windscale: Britain's Biggest Nuclear Disaster
38Ray Mears and Ewan McGregor: Extreme Jungle
39A Tudor Feast at Christmas
40Dangerous Knowledge
41They Call Me Good Time George: A Tribute to George Melly
42Simon Schama: Rough Crossings
43Bashing Booze Birds
44Lonesome George and the Battle for Galapagos
45Stephen Fry: Guilty Pleasures
46Stephen Fry: 50 Not Out
47Sickert versus Sargent
48Xtreme Teen Drivers
50The Dead Sea Scrolls
51Baddiel and the Missing Nazi Millions
52The Art of Tommy Cooper
53Wilfred Owen: A Remembrance Tale
54Darcey Bussell's Ten Best Ballet Moments
55Why Birds Sing
56The Music of the Primes
57Hubble Telescope
58Mortgaged to the Yanks
59Did Jesus Die?
60Charles Dickens and the Invention of Christmas
61Five Ways To Save The World
62North Korea - Crossing The Line
63Ian Rankin's Hidden Edinburgh
64LSD Millionaires: Operation Julie
65Teens Hooked on Porn
66Tintin and Me
67The Wild Life of Gerald Durrell
68unknownMy 100,000 Lovers
69Ian Rankin Investigates - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
70No Plan, No Peace Part One
71No Plan, No Peace Part Two:
72James May: My Sister's Top Toys
73The Worst Job In British Politics? The Leader of the Opposition
74Welcome to Tehran - A Journey by Rageh Omaar (1)
75Welcome to Tehran - A Journey by Rageh Omaar (2)
76Bill Oddie's Top 10 Birds
77Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives
78Kidult: Beautiful Young Minds
79Hungary 1956: Our Revolution
80Russell Brand On The Road
81The Sun
82James Ravilious: A World in Photographs
83Through Hell and High Water
84Wildlife in a War Zone
85What Happened Next? Living in the Past
86California - The Man in the Mansion
87Kings of 70s Romance
88Sgt Pepper: It was 40 years ago today...
89The Old Grey Whistle Test Story
90Factory - Manchester from Joy Division to Happy Mondays
91Stephen Fry - HIV and Me (1)
92Stephen Fry - HIV and Me (2)
93If It Ain't Stiff
94Watching The Russians
95The Double Life of Saki
97Folk Hibernia
98The Age Of Excess: When Britain Went Too Far
9950 Years of the Today Programme
100The Day India Burned - Partition
101Heath Robinson: Suburban Subversive
102Tintin and Me
103Happy Birthday Wullie!
104Crab Claw Wars
105The Comedy Christmas
1061997: A Year on TV
107Falklands Night - BBC Coverage
108Victoria's Empire
109When the Stranglers Met Roland Rat
110Silbury: the Heart of the Hill
111Colin McRae: Born to Race
112When We Were Scouts
113Jerusalem: An Anthem for England
114How the Edwardians Spoke
115New York Rock at the BBC
116Nightmare in the City that Never Sleeps
117Lewis Hamilton: Billion Dollar Man
118Gardener Provocateur: Tribute to Christopher Lloyd
119My Small Breasts and I
120Watching Desmond Morris
121Thomas Telford
122The Lost City of Craigavon
123The Great Hunger: the Life and Songs of Shane MacGowan
124Lusitania: Murder on the Atlantic
125Boys from the Brown Stuff
126unknownThe Life Of The Buddha
127unknownAlexander: The God King
128Smoky Dives: Jazz Faces and Places
129TV 73: The Defining Shows
130The Story of the Ghost Story
131The Secret World of Haute Couture
132How to Be an Ex-Prime Minister
133The Lost World of Red Robbo
134Wales and Slavery - The Untold Story
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