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BBC Documentaries Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life
2The Lost World of Tibet
3Fish! A Japanese Obsession
4Can I Get High Legally?
5All the Young Dudes: Pop and Fashion
6Cleopatra: Portrait of a Killer
7In Search of Wabi Sabi with Marcel Theroux
8Trouble in Amish Paradise
9I, Samurai
10What Darwin Didn't Know
11Did Darwin Kill God?
12Claire Richards - My Big Fat Wedding
131929: The Great Crash
14Uncovering Our Earliest Ancestor: The Link
16James May at the Edge of Space
17James May on the Moon
18What's Really in Our Food?
19One Small Step - The Australian Story in the Apollo 11 Mission
20Caravans: A British Love Affair
21A Farewell to Floyd
22Upgrade Me
23Who Killed The Honey Bee?
24The Life And Death Of A Mobile Phone
25How a Choir Works
26Synth Britannia
29Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany
30The Fastest Steam Car in the World
31Richard Wilson - Two Feet in the Grave
32A Necessary Evil?
33Watching The Dead
34A Portrait of Scotland
35The Rules of Film Noir
36The Art on Your Wall with Sue Perkins
37What is Beauty?
38Ghosts in the Machine
39Being Alan Bennett
40The Man Behind Masquerade
41Johnny Cash: The Story of Folsom Prison
4210 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight
43Hot Planet
44Delia's Classic Christmas
45Not Again: Not the Nine O'Clock News
47Prog Rock Britannia: An Observation in Three Movements
48The Secret Life of Chaos
49The Lost Libraries of Timbuktu
50Ford's Dagenham Dream
51Dorset Days: A Year in the Life of Longhorn Jim
52Six Degrees of Separation
53The Maharajas' Motor Car: The Story of Rolls-Royce in India
54Paul Merton Looks at Alfred Hitchcock
55The Real Merlin and Arthur
56Penelope Keith and the Fast Lady
57100 Years of Girl Guides
58Attenborough Explores... Our Fragile World
59Youth Hostelling: The First 100 Years
60The Joy of Motoring
61Cruickshank on Kew: The Garden That Changed the World
62Keep on Running: 50 years of Island Records
64Let's Get Lost
65India's Hospital Train
66Swimming to Scotland: Crossing Hell's Mouth
67Munro: Mountain Man
68Michael Wood on Beowulf
69Thatcher and the Scots
70Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
7116: Too Young to Vote
7218 Pregnant Mothers
73Alesha Dixon: Who's Your Daddy?
74Darwin's Struggle: The Evolution of the Origin of Species
75Britain's Most Embarrassing Parents
76Seven Photographs that Changed Fashion
77The City Addicted to Crystal Meth
78Fleetwood Mac: Don't Stop
7940 Years On The Moon
80JLB, The Man Who Saw the Future
81High Flyers: How Britain Took to the Air
82Tourettes: I Swear I Can't Help It
83The Children Who Fought Hitler
84Blues Britannia: Can Blue Men Sing the Whites?
85Iran and Britain
86The Autistic Me
87How Do You Solve a Problem Like Lolita?
88Liz Smith's Summer Cruise
89The Pixar Story
90Abdication: A Very British Coup
91Amazing Gracie: The Gracie Fields Story
92Jackie Stewart: The Flying Scot
93Versailles: The Dream of a King
94Oil Spill: The Exxon Valdez Disaster
95The Secret Life of the Berlin Wall
96Wild Boys - The Story of Duran Duran
97Steve Coogan - The Inside Story
98The Car Show
99For Art's Sake - The Story of Ballets Russes
101When Wales Shook the World
102Sir Bobby Robson a Tribute
103Why Reading Matters
10410 Things You Need to Know About Sleep
105Where Is Modern Art Now?
106Ugly Beauty
107Why Beauty Matters
108World Freerun Championships
109Jim Clark: The Quiet Champion
110Lee Miller: A Crazy Way of Seeing
111The Designed World
112Rick Stein and the Japanese Ambassador
113What is Beauty?
114Deborah 13: Servant of God
116Fighting Passions
117The Beatles on Record
118Being Neil Armstrong
119Japan: A Story of Love and Hate
120Do It Yourself: The Story of Rough Trade
121The Real Cabaret
1221959 The Year That Changed Jazz
123The Story of Slapstick
124The Narnia Code
125Troubled Young Minds
126A Parliamentary Coup
127Peter Green: Man of the World
128Burning Down the House
129A Song of Crotal and White An-diugh
130Manet: the Man Who Invented Modern Art
131The Thatcher Generation
132Alexander Armstrong's Very British Holiday
133Cobra Ferrari Wars
134A World of Pain: Meera Syal on Self-Harm
135The History of the Future: Cars
136John Martyn: Johnny Too Bad
137Ian Hislop's Changing of the Bard
138Robert Hooke: Victim of Genius
139Space Dogs
141Mendelssohn, the Nazis and Me
142Desperately Hungry Housewives
143The Story of the Open University
144Seasick Steve: Bringing It All Back Home
145Terror! Robespierre and the French Revolution
146China's Capitalist Revolution
147The World's Greatest Money Maker: Evan Davis meets Warren Buffett
148The Terrible Price
149Space Dogs
151Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells
152John Mortimer - A Life in Words
153Apollo Wives
154Man On The Moon
155Morecambe and Wise: The Show What Paul Merton Did
156Blitz: The Bombing of Coventry
157The Kindertransport Story
158Tom Driberg and Me: a Personal Portrait by William G Stewart
159Show Me the Mummy: The Face of Takabuti
160Victoria Wood Seen on TV
161Make Me White
162How Reading Made Us Modern
163Scotland's Conspiracy Files
164Synth Britannia at the BBC
165My Strike
166The Addictions of Sin: WH Auden in His Own Words
167Tell Me the Truth about Love
168Black Widow Granny
169A Poet Goes North
170Elvis in Porthcawl
171André Previn: All the Right Notes
172Armando Iannucci in Milton's Heaven and Hell
173The Great British Wedding
174The Great British Foreign Holiday
175Monty Python: Almost The Truth - The BBC Lawyer's Cut
177Orson Welles over Europe
178Orson Welles over Europe
179Alex James - Cocaine Diaries
180Robert Burns: The People's Poet
181Gary: Young, Psychic and Possessed
182Obama: His Story
183Terry Pratchett: Living with Alzheimer's, Part 1
184Terry Pratchett: Living with Alzheimer's, Part 2
185Catching Britain's Biggest Thieves
BBC Documentaries
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