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BBC Documentaries Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Sue Perkins and the Chimp Sanctuary
2Attenborough and the Sea Dragon
3Canvey: The Promised Island
4The Real T-Rex with Chris Packham
5My Astonishing Self: Gabriel Byrne on George Bernard Shaw
6Acid Attack: My Story
7The Story of Scotdisc
8The Storm That Saved a City
9Fighting for Air
10The Miners Who Made Us
11The Coronation
12Anjelica Huston on James Joyce: A Shout in the Street
13The Lost Monastery of Deer/Air Toir Manachainn Dheir
14Millionaires' Ex-Wives Club
15Connie Fisher: Baby Love
16Make Wales Happy
17Stealing Van Gogh
18Rhod Gilbert: Stand Up to Shyness
19Michael Palin: A Life On Screen
20Charlotte Church: Inside My Brain
21Free Cece
22Chris Packham: In Search of the Lost Girl
23Wonders of the Moon
24The Many Primes of Dame Muriel Spark
26Elise Christie: In From The Cold
27Islam, Women And Me
28Love Unlimited: Polyamory in Scotland
29Hull's Headscarf Heroes
30Trouble at the Zoo
31Charles I's Treasures Reunited
32South Korea: Earth's Hidden Wilderness
33Suffragette Allies
34The Man Who Told the Truth
35Julius Caesar Revealed
36Darcey Bussell's New Dance
37Akala's Odyssey
38Robert Campbell, Mountain Man
39Inside Britain's Moped Crime Gangs
40Murdered for Love? Samia Shahid
41Girls on the Edge
42Squaddies on the Frontline
43Damming The Nile
44Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble
45Plastic Surgery Capital of the World
46Lucy Worsley's Fireworks For A Tudor Queen
47Putin: The New Tsar
48Sir Bruce: A Celebration
49Being Blacker
50Saving the British Bulldog
51The Rugby Codebreakers
52Contagion! The BBC Four Pandemic
53Secrets of the Masons
54The Funeral Murders
55Flex Lewis: Superstar Bodybuilder
56Picasso's Last Stand
57RAF at 100 with Ewan and Colin McGregor
5850 Years of Look North
59The Queen: Her Commonwealth Story
60Reggie Yates: Searching for Grenfell's Lost Lives
61Tiredness, Tears and Tantrums: Diary of a New Mum
62R. Kelly: Sex, Girls and Videotapes
63Money for Nothing: The Finland Experiment
64The Porthole Mystery
65Lenny Henry: The Commonwealth Kid
66BBC Young Musician: Forty Years Young
67One of Our Dinosaurs is Moving
68My Dad, the Peace Deal and Me
69Reinventing the 9-5
70Russia: Rejecting The West?
71Sex Robots and Us
72Bacchus Uncovered: Ancient God of Ecstasy
73Living with the Brainy Bunch
74Gettys: The World's Richest Art Dynasty
75My Turban and Me
76Miranda Barbour: Serial Killer Or Liar?
77Wales Football: The Women in Red
78The Naked Truth: Obesity
79Art on the BBC: The Genius of Leonardo da Vinci
80Islay: For Those in Peril
82Ballet's Dark Knight - Sir Kenneth MacMillian
84Jeff Beck: Still on the Run
85Cunk on Britain Part 1
85The Jazz Ambassadors
86Too Fat For Love
88Michael Clark's to a Simple, Rock 'n; Roll...Song
89Amazon Explorers - Into the Peak of Mist
90The Road to Palmyra
91The Hunt: Battle In The Countryside
92Vive la Revolution! Joan Bakewell on May '68
93The Private Life of the Royal Academy
94Manchester Bomb: Our Story
95Beyond the Asylum
96Heart Transplant: A Chance to Live
97Nigeria's Stolen Daughters
98Six Weeks to Save the World
99Rugby League's Legendary Watersplash Final
100Tap America: How a Nation Found Its Feet
101Cunk on Britain Part 2
102Motty - The Man Behind the Sheepskin
103Countdown to the Full Motty
104Balls of Steel
105The Town That Floored The World
106Robbie's War: The Rise and Fall of a Playboy Billionaire
107Manchester: The Night of the Bomb
108The Village
109The Toddlers Who Took on Dementia
110Wild Escapes
111Jonathan Meades on Jargon
112Ads on the Frontline
113The Big Crash Diet Experiment
114Killed By My Debt
115Giant in the Sky: The Jumbo Jet at 50
116Nothing Like a Dame
117The Jeremy Thorpe Scandal
118Suffragettes with Lucy Worsley
119Mackintosh: Glasgow's Neglected Genius
120The Collins Variety Agency
121Ugly Me: My Life With Body Dysmorphia
122Searching for Shergar
124Can Science Make Me Perfect? with Alice Roberts
125Germaine Bloody Greer
126I Was There: Kate Adie on Tiananmen Square
127Afghanistan: Fighting the Forever War
128The World Cup Heroes of 1966
130Britain Celebrates Live: 100 Years of Women's Votes
131The World Cup: Hopes of a Nation
132Project Wild Thing
133The Voices In My Head
134The Fight For Women's Bodies
135Before Grenfell: A Hidden History
136The Trouble with Women with Anne Robinson
139Kyffin Williams: The Man Who Painted Wales
140Emmeline Pankhurst: The Making Of A Militant
141Rebel Women: The Great Art Fightback
142Managing England: The Impossible Job
143Mad About Elvis
144The People VS The NHS: Who Gets The Drugs?
145Scotland 78: A Love Story
146Great Exhibition of the North
148Unsung Heroines: Danielle de Niese on the Lost World of Female Composers
149The Great Game: Iran v USA
150Nature's Turtle Nursery: Secrets from the Nest
151The Street Food Servants
152NHS at 70 - Live
153Japan's Secret Shame
154The NHS: To Provide All People
155Japan's Never-Ending War
156Africa's Secret War
157Rich Hall's Working for the American Dream
158Barry Davies: The Man, the Voice, the Legend
159Duran Duran: There's Something You Should Know
160Duran Duran: A Night In
161RAF: Into the Blue
162Puppy Love
163The Great Cheese Chase
164The Rise and Fall of Nokia
165The Centenary of the Royal Air Force
166Critical: Inside Intensive Care
167Strokes of Genius: Federer v Nadal
169The Island That Saved My Life
170Joshua v Klitschko: Return to Wembley
171Trump: A Very British Welcome?
172Louis Theroux: Docs That Made Me
173Elephants on the Move
174Reginald D Hunter's Songs of the Border
175Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas
176Whoever Heard Of A Black Artist? Britain’s Hidden Art History
177Murder in Soho: Who Killed Freddie Mills?
178Angela Carter: Of Wolves & Women
179Abducted - Elizabeth I's Child Actors
180Lost Voice Guy: Is Geordie the Funniest Accent?
181Mackintosh's Tea Room
182Jules Peters: My Cancer Journey
184Mechanical Monsters
185Uganda: The Price of Love
186Sylvia Plath - Inside the Bell Jar
187Train Surfing Wars: A Matter of Life and Death
188Lost Boys? What's Going Wrong For Asian Men
189The Stolen Maharajah: Britain's Indian Royal
190Mark Gatiss on John Minton: The Lost Man of British Art
191Frank Vickery: The People's Playwright
192Faith Behind Bars
193Tate Liverpool at 30
195Aretha Franklin: Respect
196A Week to Sell Your House
198Killed Abroad
199Dwarfs in Art: A New Perspective
201The Secret Life of Landfill: A Rubbish History
203Bachelor, 38
204Isle of Wight Festival at 50
205Pump Up The Bhangra
206Exorcism: The Battle For Young Minds
209The Joy of Winning
210The Deer Stalker - Our Lives
211Drinkers Like Me - Adrian Chiles
212Riz Ahmed: Road to Englistan
213Abortion: Beyond the Backstreet
214Killer in Our Classroom: Never Again
215The no. 5 War
216The Last Testament of Lillian Bilocca
217The Joy of AI
218Reel Stories: Kylie Minogue
219Made by machine: When AI Met the Archive
220Winning It Big
221From Slavery to Windrush: My family's Story
222Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Monumental Art
223Tales of Tudor Travel - The Explorer's Handbook
224King Arthur's Britain - The Truth Unearthed
225We the People
226The Flu That Killed 50 Million
227Stacey Dooley: Face to Face with Armageddon
228The Price of Fast Fashion
229Hollywood's Brightest Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story
230George Shelley: Learning to Grieve
231Farther and Sun: A Dyslexic Road Trip
233Drowning in Plastic
234The Debt Saviours
235The Bank That Almost Broke Britain
236Wonders of The Great Barrier Reef with Iolo Williams
237Troubles: The Life After
238Return to TS Eliotland
239Eamonn McCann: A Long March
240Glasgow, Love and Apartheid
241Philippines: Island Treasures
242Beats, Bass and Bars: The Story of Grime
243Disco and Beyond with Ana Matronic and Martyn Ware
245Barneys, Books and Bust-Ups: 50 Years of the Booker Prize
247Dollar Heroes
248Mim Shaikh: Finding Dad
249Simply the Best: In Conversation with Tina Turner
250The Shankill Bomb
251Death On The I-95
252The Ghan: Australia's Greatest Train Journey
253I was a Yazidi Slave
254Teens on the Edge
255The Fires that Foretold Grenfell
256Blues & Beyond with Cerys Matthews and Val Wilmer
257The Secret Story of Stuff: Materials of the Modern Age
258We Will Remember Them with Huw Edwards
259Maid in Hell: Why Slavery?
260Indie & Beyond with Shaun Ryder and Alan McGee
261Synth & Beyond with Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert
262Captain Jack and the Furious Few
263Ariana Grande at the BBC
264WWI: The Final Hours
265Dan Cruickshank's Monuments of Remembrance
266Prince, Son and Heir: Charles at 70
267Egon Schiele: Dangerous Desires
268Soul & Beyond with Corinne Bailey Rae and Trevor Nelson
269Deep Ocean: Lights in the Abyss
270WWI's Secret Shame: Shell Shock
271A Scottish Soldier: A Lost Diary of WWI
273Air Ambulance and the Flying Doctors
274Car Crash Who's Lying?
275Holst and Vaughan Williams: Making Music English
277Reggae Fever: David Rodigan
278Primal Scream: The Lost Memphis Tapes
279Driven: The Billy Monger Story
280A Great British Injustice: The Maguire Story
281Valleys High
282The Common Riding
283Dreaming Of A Jewish Christmas
284A Northern Soul
285David Cassidy: The Last Session
286The Comedy Underground
287Evita: The Making Of A Superstar
288"Fake Homeless": Who's Begging on the Streets?
289Royal Opera House - Lessons in Love and Violence
289Tabula Rasa
289Jazzology with Soweto Kinch
290Bowie at Glastonbury
291Shedding the Fat
292Tina Turner: Simply the Best
293Searching for Starlite
294Stevie Wonder: A Musical History
295Darcey Bussell: Dancing to Happiness
296Gun No 6
297Secrets of British Animation
298Bridge Over the Atlantic
299Beyond the Walls: In Search of the Celts
300A Hotel for the Super Rich & Famous: Episode 1
301A Hotel for the Super Rich & Famous: Episode 2
302Escape from Dubai: The Mystery of the Missing Princess
303Barbra Streisand: Becoming An Icon 1942-1984
304The State Of It
305Roxy Music: A Musical History
306Soul & Beyond with Corinne Bailey Rae and Trevor Nelson
307Daredevils and Divas: A Night at the Circus
308Meet the Biohackers
309A Year At King's
310Wales's Christmas Home Movies
311John Cooper Clarke Presents Clarkie's Christmas Crackers
312Congo: A Journey to the Heart of Africa
313Pantomime in Port Talbot: Balls of Steel
314Wild Man to Ironman
315Victoria & Albert: The Royal Wedding
316100 Years of King's Carols
317Fleetwood Mac: A Musical History
318What We Were Watching - Christmas 1988
319The Secret Story of the BBC Christmas Tapes
320Chris & Michaela: Under the Christmas Sky
321Ken Dodd: How Tickled We Were
322All Aboard! The Great Reindeer Migration
323Christmas at St Paul's
324Lost Commando Raid
325Searching for...Kanye
326The Snow Wolf: A Winter's Tale
327Take That: We've Come a Long Way
328Andrew Davies: Rewriting the Classics
329Raymond Briggs: Snowmen, Bogeymen & Milkmen
330Gary Goes to Hollywood
331A Day in the Life of Earth
332Who's Looking after Mum and Dad?
333Bros: After The Screaming Stops
334The Infinite Monkey Cage 100th Episode TV Special
335Burundi's Torture Houses
336Tones, Drones and Arpeggios: The Magic of Minimalism
337Paths to Peace: Refugee Stonemasons
338Acid Attacks: A Journey to Recovery
339Village of Dreams
340They Shall Not Grow Old
341Spy in the Snow
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