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Beauty and Mr. Romantic Season 1 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Do-ra Meets Dae-chung
2Forced Breakup
3Jun-sub And A Woman
4Pil-seung’s New Main Lead
5A Disappointed Man
6Misunderstood Love
7Only One Way Out
8Stranded On An Island
9First Love All Over Again
10Love Triangle
11Straightforward Romance
12The Wrap Party
13The Hurtful Truth Revealed
14Mi-ja Tricks Do-ra
15Downfall Of Do-ra
16Two Years Later
17Forgotten Memories
18Moon and Star
19Jin-dan Meets Ji-young
20The Hotel Room
21Mi-ja Returns
22Ji-young Meets Ma-ri
23Ji-young Gets To Audition
24Baby In The Basket
25Soo-yeon's Offer
26The End Of The Rope
27Family Reunion
28Ji-young Pushes Pil-seung Away
29The Birth Mother Of Pil-seung
30When a Friendship Ends
31Jin-taek Visits Sun-young
32Secrets Always Come Out
33Jin Dan’s Deal
34Soo Yeon’s Secret Comes To Light
35Episode 35
36Episode 36
37Episode 37
38Episode 38
39Episode 39
40Episode 40
41Episode 41
42Episode 42
43Episode 43
44Episode 44
45Episode 45
46Episode 46
47Episode 47
48Episode 48
49Episode 49
50Episode 50