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Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is loosely based on the 1987 CBS series starring Ron Pearlman and Linda Hamilton.

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Aired on:
The CW, US
45 min.
3.58/5 (26 ratings)
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as Detective Catherine Chandler
as Tess Vargas
as Vincent Ryan Keller
as J.T. Forbes
as Heather Chandler
as District Attorney Gabriel "Gabe" Lowan
as Evan Marks
as Joe Bishop
as Tori Windsor


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Latest comments

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by posted
So it's renewed

Have to say I'm surprised. I haven't kept up to date with the show, but I really didn't think it would last past this season. Maybe I should get caught up /shrug
by posted
So I couldn't sleep and decided to watch episode three and four. I have to say I like the actors and the characters, but the writing of this is something you would expect from first time writers. I'm not sure if that's the case or what, but it's obvious to see what there trying to do only it's being done in the most basic of ways.

Everything that's happening with the conspiracy some how directly relates to the case she's working in three of the first four episodes. I get them trying to tie things together, but I also don't think it's necessary nor could it be done any worse...although I say that and they will probably find a way. This show could be better if they got different writers.
by posted
Show title and character names ... a very slight vibe of fantastic realism and melancholy ... that's it.

While the original was a bit "X-Men and the Morlocks" this one is straight out of the Hulk plotline. Sad. The whole idea of an underground New York teeming with highly intelligent rejects, governed by a wise "Father" (that was the actual character name) figure and lordered by a lion-faced-smooth-talking-Ron-Perlman was perhaps a bit to innocent for current state of TV, but was such a nice poetic political comment, that makes the new one's "it'a all a governement cover up for what they did to us" sound really really crude and obvious.

Such a lost chance to talk about free health care, unemployment, racial equality and company bail-out! It is quite a shame, really. This is going to be "just another show" after all.
by posted
The 'Beast' in this is literally a solider with one scar on his face, so while the original was before my time my guess is don't expect this to have anything in common with the original besides the shows title.
by posted
I'll give it a go, but the original show had something of an elegance that has a lot to do with the way Vincent talked, slowly, calmly and in deep tones. That is when I became a fan of Ron Perlman. The new guy has some hell of a big shoe to fill, oh boy. (see what I did there?)
by posted
I tuned out after the second episode since the nostalgia got me through the pilot, but the cliche's in the second episode ruined any nostalgia I had left. The ratings are sub par at less than 2mil it will end after one season it looks like. CW next to never cancels a show since they don't have mid season shows so I don't think it will be cut early.
by posted
The CGI team should get eaten by the beast. If you can't make a CGI silhouette jump realistically from one stair to the other, you shouldn't do this job. Fault is also on the director who went for this shit.

And the homerun ?? Jeez, what is this, Rudy ?
by posted
Honestly the second episode brought the show in the wrong directions while using every cliche you'd expect. The only reason I made it through the episode was KK, but no matter how much I like her the shows failures are hard to ignore.
by posted
Unfortunatly, I'll have a really hard time to go past the next episode next week (ep 3) unless there's some serious improvements.

Various things, KK in a detective suit just doesn't fill the characters shoes. Again, she's a beautiful girl but she's just not that believable. And knowing a bit of kung-fu doesn't really fix anything.

It's another like there are way too much already cop show, 1 case per episode with the background moving boringly slowly. I even thought about Castle at some point but without the humour as if it was a Castle show but without the funnies.

I'm a bit spoiled by the old show (Perlman/Hamilton) wich had a much more fantasy touch to it with much more underground characters and I'm saying that even though I was too young to really follow it, even less a romantic show like that. So it's just from memory.

The "underground" stuff might come later but I kind of doubt it. What we saw of the background story doesn't really hint at it. And Hamilton wasn't a cop but a district attorney so she wasn't running around like a cheerleader (although it was probably still horribly cheezy).

Basically, they removed absolutly everything that was magical from the story while keeping the title and are trying to make us cling to it with only KK and his scared genetically enhanced boyfriend. And that's not really enough. A cop, a soldier on drugs (sort of)... who cares. Where's the magic?

I predict a cancellation after 1 season.
by posted
Just watched the Pilot. I dropped it half the way. I didn't get any interest for any of the chars or the story and i don't get the cop side of Kristin Kreuk, not for me.