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Behzat C.: An Ankara Policeman
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Behzat C.: An Ankara Policeman

Behzat Ç. is a detective in the Ankara Police Department. He is the head of a unit of six people: Harun, Hayalet (English: Ghost), Akbaba (English: Vulture), Selim, Cevdet and Eda. They usually work together with the public prosecuter Esra. They chase criminals with perseverance and solve murders and other crimes that occur in Ankara.

Behzat Ç. graduated from the Police academy in 1985. He does not care much about his superiors -not even laws in some cases; he only follows his inner conscience. This often brings him troubles: Even though he graduated from the Police Academy many years ago, he is still stuck in the same position for years unlike his colleagues who are at the peak of their career, because of numerous suspensions and reprimands he got.

After an unsuccessful marriage, he is not confident with women. The only woman he seems to care about is his daughter Berna. He is shattered when his daughter is found dead which looks like a case of suicide at first glance. He and his team go on a mission to solve her murder. During the ordeal, he becomes close to his ex wife but she turns down the relationship. He gets in a relationship with a club singer Gönül and then becomes interested in public proescuter Esra. The main suspicion falls on a flamboyant mob boss and businessman Ercüment Çözer who is tracked down successfully by Behzat Ç but escapes abroad using his political connections.

Traumas that he goes through in his private life affect his work directly. On the last episode of the first season Behzat Ç. found out that the murderer of his daughter is Sule, who has been living with Behzat for months. Sule also confessed to Behzat that he is her real father. Final episode of the first season has been considered the best season final of a TV show by the Turkish media.

Also known as: Behzat �. Bir Ankara Polisiyesi

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Aired on:
Star TV, Turkey
100 min.
5/5 (2 ratings)
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as Harun
as Şevket
as Ercüment Çözer


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