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Bigg Boss Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Niketan becomes the captain
2Argument between Kashif and Urvashi
3Navjot and Rajev talk about Delnaaz
4Delnaaz gets emotional
5Kashif threatens Sapna
6Radhe brings news
7Navjot refuses to nominate anyone
8Vrajesh becomes the new captain
9Vrajesh bosses around
10Heated argument among the inmates
11Verbal spat between Rajev and Urvashi
12Delnaaz's and Urvashi's issues
13Kashif was not liked by many
14Sidhu has a special birthday task
15Baadshah Aur Ghulam task
16Argument between Sampat and Rajev
17Inmates celebrate Navratri
18Delnaaz becomes the new captain
19Aseem gets emotional
20Preity Zinta has a mesmeric entry
21Sayantani gets eliminated
22Sana has a secret task
23Politics and fights
24Result of the Luxury Budget Task
25The shrinking room
26Sana's secret task
27Shweta and Dolly mock the house mates
28Bigg Boss's secret tasks
29The commander and his rival
30The cadets and conspirers
31The usual air of attitude
32Vodafone One on One for You
33Aashka fails at her captaincy
34Salman chances upon a special key
35The house is gloomy without Sidhu
36The talking fish
37Manufacturing of soil lamps
38Diwali celebrations
39The Expert Cook Award
40Mink cuts her hair
41New neighbours of Bigg Boss house mates
42The neighbourhood
43Imam gets violent
44The crew take Imam away
45Two minutes to grab the ration
46Smallest girl of the world visits the house
47Delnaaz clears the misconceptions
48The sizzling entry of Rakhi Sawant
49Devils versus Angels
50Imam's behaviour irritates the housemates
51Ignoring the unwanted guests
52Imam fulfills the wishes of his fellow mates
53Imam Siddique enters the house
54Salman's awesome entry with Kareena
55The neighbourhood is destroyed
56The Tug of War
57Winning is the most important thing
58The less popular contestants declaration
59Freeze and move
60Rajev and Delnaaz argue
61Akshay Kumar meet Salman
62Sapna is given the charge of captaincy
63Delnaaz gets upset with Imam
64Verbal spat between Rajev and Urvashi
65Dinesh is eliminated
66Delnaaz becomes the new captain
67Santosh defends himself
68Rashmi cooks for Salman
69A Puppetry Task
70Imam creates a scene
71Imam badmouths Vishal
72Discussion about bad behaviour of Imam
73Rajev creates a scene
74Salman's dance performance
75Bipasha makes the day
76Inmates spend happy time with Salman
77Verbal spat between Imam and Rajev
78Celebration is in the air for Bigg Boss
79Surprises are aplenty for the housemates
80Niketan is jolted into the finals
81Delnaaz and Rajev fight
82Salman and Imam argue
83Old friends and emotions visit the house
84The year comes to a close in the house
85A new beginning with the new year
86Imam begins his second term in the house
87Sapna gets eliminated
88Imran Khan and Anushka Sharma's appearance
89A tempting offer from Bigg Boss
90Bigg Boss house becomes an asylum
91Delnaaz gets unmasked on TV
92Housemates face a surprise eviction
93Imam gets unbearable for the housemates
94Imam is safe
95Urvashi Dholakia clinches the show
Bigg Boss
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Bigg Boss

"Bigg Boss" (Big Brother) is a television reality show broadcast on Colors channel in India. It follows the Big Brother format, which was first developed by Endemol in the Netherlands. Within a span of 10 years of telecast, Bigg Boss has rolled out 9 Seasons and one spin-off version thus establishing itself as one of the most popular Reality TV Series in India. The show has, at times, proved to be a great ratings churner with the viewership at a constant high since the appointment of Salman Khan as the main presenter. Season 4, 5 and 7 have each topped the ratings charts for their respective tenures whereas Season 8 and Halla Bol have scored lowest figures for the channel to date.

Show Info


Airs on:

Colors, India at 10:30 am IST


45 min.


Returning Series


3.67/5 (3 ratings)

More Info:

IMDb | TVMaze

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A stroll down the memory lane!


Fri Feb 14, 2020



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