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Bigg Boss Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Grand Premiere
2Day 001 Harmless snoring ends into nomination
3Day 002 Phobias, challenges and the quest for luxury budget
4Day 003 Phobia makes life difficult!
5Day 004 Real life jodis face the brunt of Double Trouble!
6Day 005 Guess who's up for exchange on Bigg Boss Double Trouble!
7Weekend Ka Waar
8Weekend Ka Waar
9Day 008 The Game starts now!
10Day 009 Is this team spirit?
11Day 010 Zamindaars v/s Workers
12Day 011 Divide and rule is the new double trouble on Bigg Boss!
13Day 012
14Weekend Ka Waar
15Weekend Ka Waar
16Day 15
17Day 16
18Day 17
19Day 18
20Day 19
21weekend ka war
22weekend ka war
23Day 22
24Day 23
25Day 24
26Day 25
27Day 26
28Day 27
29Day 28
30Day 29
31Day 30
32Day 31
33Day 32
34Day 33
35Day 34
36Day 35
37Day 36
38Day 37
39Day 38
40Day 39
41Day 40
42Day 41
43Day 42
44Day 43
45Day 44
46Day 45
47Day 46
48Day 47
49Day 48
50Day 49
51Day 50
52Day 51
53Day 52
54Day 53
55Day 54
56Day 55
57Day 56
58Day 57
59Day 58
60Day 59
61Day 60
62Day 61
63Day 62
64Day 63
65Day 64
66Day 65
67Day 66
68Day 67
69Day 68
70Day 69
71Day 70
72Day 71
73Day 72
74Day 73
75Day 74
76Day 75
77Day 76
78Day 77
79Day 78
80Day 79
81Day 80
82Day 81
83Day 82
84Day 83
85Day 84
86Day 85
87Day 86
88Day 87
89Day 88
90Day 89
91Day 90
92Day 91
93Day 92
94Day 93
95Day 94
96Day 95
97Day 96
98Day 97
99Day 98
100Day 99
101Day 100
102Day 101
103Day 102
104Day 103
105Day 104
106Day 105
107Day 106
108Day 107
Bigg Boss
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Bigg Boss

"Bigg Boss" (Big Brother) is a television reality show broadcast on Colors channel in India. It follows the Big Brother format, which was first developed by Endemol in the Netherlands. Within a span of 10 years of telecast, Bigg Boss has rolled out 9 Seasons and one spin-off version thus establishing itself as one of the most popular Reality TV Series in India. The show has, at times, proved to be a great ratings churner with the viewership at a constant high since the appointment of Salman Khan as the main presenter. Season 4, 5 and 7 have each topped the ratings charts for their respective tenures whereas Season 8 and Halla Bol have scored lowest figures for the channel to date.

Show Info


Airs on:

Colors, India at 10:30 am IST


45 min.


Returning Series


3.67/5 (3 ratings)

More Info:

IMDb | TVMaze

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A stroll down the memory lane!


Fri Feb 14, 2020



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