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Bleach Season 15 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Gotei 13 Invading Army Arc! Unusual Incident in Seireitei?!
2Battle With Comrades! Renji vs. Rukia?!
3Ichigo's Capture Net!
4Gotei 13, Gathering in the Real World!
5Showdown of Mutual Self, Ikkaku vs. Ikkaku!
6Clash! Rukia vs. Rukia!
7Protect Ichigo! Nozomi's Determination
8Recapture Seireitei!
9For the Sake of the Believers! Byakuya vs. Hitsugaya!
10The Two Hinamori, Hitsugaya's Resolution
11Pride of the Kuchiki Family! Byakuya vs. Byakuya!
12Defeat Kageroza! Shinigami, All-Out War!
13The Forbidden Research...Nozomi's Hidden Secret!
14I Want to Live...! Nozomi's Zanpakutō
15For the Sake of Fighting! The Awakening Nozomi!
16The Most Evil Reigai, Appears in the Real World!
17Destroy Nozomi?! Genryusai's Decision
18The Depleting Reiatsu! Ichigo, Death Struggle of the Soul!
19Hiding in the Precipice World? Ichigo is Alone?!
20Pursue Kageroza! Technological Development Department, Infiltration!
21The Developer of the Modified Souls
22Kon's Thoughts, Nozomi's Thoughts
23Protect Ichigo! The Bonds of Friendship
24Reigai vs. Original, The Fierce Fighting for Gambled Pride!
25Invading Army Arc, Final Conclusion!
26Thank You