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Weird WondersWeird Wonders

English naturalist Chris Packham explores some of the strangest natural events to be caught on camera in this docuseries. Assisted by scientists and experiments, Packham explores the secrets behind bizarre science, crazy weather and medical marvels. Using footage taken by eyewitnesses and news crews, the host attempts to decipher the truth behind each scene. Some of the incidents under scrutiny are unusual animal friendships, towns under the siege of thousands of flying insects and extraordinary mating calls that have kept people awake at night.

Hidden HabitatsHidden Habitats

Earth is a collection of worlds within worlds, each one a self-contained ecosystem bursting with life. These microworlds depend on an intricate web of relationships and natural forces that make each one unique. This stunning series delves deep into the heart of these habitats, breaking down each intricate ecosystem into all of its component parts, introducing the animals that live there, and revealing the fine balances of its existence.

Chris Harris on CarsChris Harris on Cars
BBC America, 2016 | Automobiles, Reality
Rating: 1/5

Based on his hit YouTube series, BBC America's Chris Harris on Cars offers Top Gear fans more time with breakout star and motoring journalist Chris Harris. Here he gets behind the wheel of the newest, fastest and coolest cars on the road, and takes viewers into the technical complexities of these stunning vehicles. Profiling some of the most exciting cars on the planet and testing them on road and track, the series will cover cars such as the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, McLaren 650S, Aston Martin GT12, Ferrari 458 GT, Ferrari 458 Spider, among many others.

Chef Race: UK vs U.S.Chef Race: UK vs U.S.

Chef Race: UK vs U.S. is a reality TV series where 16 chefs, 8 from the USA and 8 from the UK, race from Los Angeles to New York for a chance to win $100,000. The chefs are divided into teams and face culinary challenges along the way. The winning team gets an advantage while the losing team must face elimination.

Go Back to Where You Came FromGo Back to Where You Came From

Six Australians retrace the harrowing journeys of refugees and asylum seekers in reverse, challenging their preconceived notions in this controversial series. Go Back to Where You Came From sparked national and international debate, exploring the contentious issue of refugees and asylum seekers. Premiered in Australia.

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