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Deadly PossessionsDeadly Possessions

Zak Bagans is fulfilling a lifelong dream of opening a museum in downtown Las Vegas, full of the haunted, cursed objects he has been collecting through the years. Each episode of "Deadly Possessions" features three haunted, iconic items and their owners. They share stories of how these objects have terrorized them and, in some cases, even killed people. Bagans interviews the owners and works with them to get to the root of their "attachment," so they can free themselves...or at least escape harm from these "deadly possessions."

Ghosts of Morgan CityGhosts of Morgan City
Travel Channel, 2019 | Horror/Supernatural
Rating: 5/5

There's something strange happening in Morgan City, Louisiana and Travel Channel's latest paranormal team is ready to get to the bottom of it.

The Alaska TriangleThe Alaska Triangle
Travel Channel, 2020 | Reality, Documentary, Mini-Series
Rating: 3.5/5

"The Alaska Triangle" is a Travel Channel series that explores an area in Alaska known for unusual activity, including mysterious disappearances, sightings of strange creatures, lights in the sky, and encounters with ghosts. Some experts speculate that ley lines or electromagnetic anomalies may be causing these bizarre occurrences within the Triangle. The paranormal series investigates enduring mysteries, such as the disappearance of the Douglas C-54 Skymaster in 1950. The Douglas vanished en route from Alaska to Montana, with 44 people aboard, and no trace of the aircraft, its crew or its passengers has ever been found. Another mystery involves a Bigfoot creature that is rumored to have caused a once thriving coastal town to become deserted. In another episode, an eyewitness shares startling video evidence of extraterrestrial activity in Fairbanks, Alaska, while a UFO hunter flies over Alaska's highest mountain in search of a secret underground alien base.

Booze TravelerBooze Traveler
Travel Channel, 2014 | Travel, Lifestyle, Reality
Rating: 4/5

The show follows Jack Maxwell, who once worked in the bars of South Boston, as he travels the globe trying to track down the world's most fascinating beverages and the people who drink them. Viewers will follow Maxwell as he immerses himself in the local activities, learns about the country's relationship with liquor and sometimes gets to participate in the alcohol-making process himself.

Lost GoldLost Gold
Travel Channel, 2017 | Documentary
Rating: 4.5/5

Brothers Josh and Jesse Feldman head into the rugged desert of southeast Arizona to track the history of a legendary Apache chief said to have buried two strongboxes of gold somewhere in the region's imposing mountains.

Ghost LoopGhost Loop
Travel Channel, 2019 | Mystery, Reality
Rating: 3.3/5

The Spirit Hunters are a team of specialized paranormal experts who rescue the living from an endless and repetitive type of haunting known as a "ghost loop." At each haunted location, they build an emotionally charged trigger environment to lure the entity and break the terrifying cycle.

Paranormal EmergencyParanormal Emergency
Travel Channel, 2019 | Reality, Documentary
Rating: 3.5/5

Police officers, paramedics and other first responders reveal their true encounters with the paranormal while on duty. Not only do these cases defy explanation, they terrify even the most seasoned of men and women who have devoted their lives to serve and protect the living.

The LayoverThe Layover

Anthony Bourdain arrives in a new city each week with only 24-48 hours to show viewers the insider places, people and foods.

Mission DeclassifiedMission Declassified
Travel Channel, 2019 | Documentary
Rating: 5/5

Investigative journalist Christof Putzel uses recently declassified documents to chase down new leads and clues into some of history's most notorious cold cases.

Toy HunterToy Hunter

Follow toy hunter Jordan Hembrough as he searches for the rarest and most valuable toys.