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Argento Soma

It was the year 2059 and for several years the earth was settled with Aliens causing troubles to human. Dr Noguchi, Maki Agata, and Tukuto Kenishiro wanted to learn more about these aliens. They did an experiment with a large bio-mechanical alien named Frank. During this process the alien comes to life and destroy everything in sight. Frank leaves and goes to the wild and meets a girl whose parents who were killed because of the war. She and Frank were soon taken custody and captured by Funeral, a secret agency. Takuto who survive Frank rampage whose was screw up by Frank wanted revenge and is know known as Ryu Soma of the Funeral agency.

Cyborg Kuro-Chan

Kuro is a housecat for an old couple who cannot defend themselves and are in frequent danger. They rely on him to keep burglars from invading their house, at which he is skilled. Despite his courage, he is in love with the neighborhood dog, Pooly, and he sets out to confess this one day. While heading to see her, he and Pooly are ambushed and injured. Kuro is then kidnapped by Dr. Go, a mad scientist, and transformed into a cyborg with invincible steel frames and unlimited strength, the latest in a line of robot cats used for world domination, called the "Nyan-Nyan Army". He somehow, though, breaks a chip supposedly used to control him, and he escapes Go's laboratory as well as destroying it, while he now realizes that he is now bipedal and can speak human language. He comes to terms with his predicament, while maintaining his lifestyle as an average housecat. However, Go feels that Kuro is ungrateful to him, and he and the Nyan-Nyan Army, including the most well-known M, set out to find and kill him, though they eventually surrender and decide to live a more peaceful life.

Watanuki's House
TV Tokyo,


| Anime

In the story, three VTubers will play the roles of the Watanuki sisters, who live together in one house in the Shitamachi area of Tokyo after they lost their parents. The series will show the heartwarming everyday lives of the sisters.

TV bastard Nanana

Poverty TV station "TV Nanana" was daring to compete with the rival stations on a daily basis while covering less production cost with wisdom, strength and teamwork. However, the signboard program that had taken the highest viewer ratings suddenly ceased, and the company got into a crisis. In order to save "TV Nanana", director · Nanaoka was given a certain mission from the producer. That is to shoot the legendary rare animal "Kina" that no one has ever succeeded in shooting, making it the world's first achievement program. Nanioka immediately went to the jungle with photographer Nanamori and AD · Nanzan. However, the difficulties stand out one after another after Nachio Oka. Raging beasts ... villagers trying to sacrifice God ... rich rich TV stations ... and the biggest enemy "low budget"! Could it be possible for Shichi Oka to photograph Kina without fail? And can the program get a high viewing rate! What?

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