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Prosieben, 2017 | Comedy
Rating: 4.7/5

Jerks follows the misadventures of Christian Ulmen and Fahri Yardim, two best friends who enjoy pushing the boundaries of what is considered ethical and politically correct. Despite their best intentions, the duo often find themselves in embarrassing situations due to their reckless behavior.

Prosieben, 2004 | Comedy | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.7/5

A German comedy series about an inept boss of an insurance company. The show is similar to the British sitcom, "The Office". The show follows Bernd Stromberg, a bumbling and often inappropriate manager, and his employees in their daily work lives. The show has gained a cult following for its cringe-worthy humor and relatable workplace scenarios.

Germany's Next TopmodelGermany's Next Topmodel

Germany's Next Topmodel is a German reality show hosted by Heidi Klum. It's based on America's Next Top Model and has 10-17 episodes each year. Contestants compete to become the next top model, with one eliminated each episode. Makeovers are given early on in the competition. Premiered: 2006.

Queen of DragsQueen of Drags

In the new ProSieben show, ten drag queens from Germany , Austria and Switzerland are moving into a luxury villa in Los Angeles and are staging a variety show week after week in which they present themselves in all their facets: sometimes ladylike, sometimes something cheeky, sometimes touching. ProSieben accompanies the ten ladies on their way and gives viewers a look behind the scenes of the drag world: Who are the personalities behind the pompous costumes? What characterizes a "Queen of Drags"? How do the men turn into extroverted glamor ladies who take their breath away from the studio audience with their versatile talents? And how do they live together in their villa?

Dr. Psycho - Die Bosen, die Bullen, meine Frau und ichDr. Psycho - Die Bosen, die Bullen, meine Frau und ich

Dr. Max Munzl is the odd man out as the police psychologist in an organized crime unit. This German show (translated as Dr. Psycho - The Bad, The Coppers, My Wife and Me), was nominated for the Rose d'Or, an international television award, in 2007.

Joko versus KlaasJoko versus Klaas
Prosieben, 2012 | Comedy, Reality, Game Show
Rating: 5/5

Two german comedians travel the world and make each other bizarre and amazing tasks. The winner may be called at the end of the program "WORLD CHAMPION".

Frau Jordan stellt gleichFrau Jordan stellt gleich
Prosieben, 2019 | Comedy
Rating: 4/5

A German comedy television series of the video-on-demand provider Joyn after an idea by Ralf Husmann with Katrin Bauerfeind in the main and title role. The series is about gender equality officer Eva Jordan, who seeks to enforce gender equality and equality in institutions and changing locations such as the fire department or nursing home.

Wer stiehlt mir die Show?Wer stiehlt mir die Show?
Prosieben, 2021 | Game Show | ► Trailer
Rating: 4/5

Money? Cars? Travel? 15 minutes airtime? Negative! The winner of the new prime-time quiz show by Joko Winterscheidt will receive what is probably the most extraordinary prize in show history: Joko Winterscheidt's job. Whoever masters the quiz rounds best wins the show - in two ways. Three celebrities and a wildcard-viewer challenge presenter Joko Winterscheidt as a candidate to - literally - steal the show from him. The winner becomes the quiz show host for the next edition and can rearrange the show as they see fit - while Joko as a candidate has to fight to win back his own show.

Joko & Klaas against ProSiebenJoko & Klaas against ProSieben
Prosieben, 2019 | Game Show
Rating: 5/5

Their new opponent is big, red and more powerful than ever: Now Joko and Klaas are not competing against each other for the first time, but instead challenge an entire broadcaster. In the new prime time show series "Joko & Klaas against ProSieben", the goal is to compete against the entire universe of the red seven. Moderators, editors, entire programs - Joko and Klaas invite everyone to the cross-program strength test in various game rounds. Their opponents and the associated tasks are set up by ProSieben, the broadcaster alone decides about the opponents of Joko and Klaas and the games. After the show, the billing is done: if the two show masters triumph over their employer, the broadcaster gives them a 15-minute live slot in the program for unrestricted composition. If ProSieben emerges victorious from the evening, Joko and Klaas must unconditionally put themselves at the service of their broadcaster.

Europe's Forgotten DictatorshipsEurope's Forgotten Dictatorships

When you think of Europe and the dictatorship, the first thing that comes to mind is German National Socialism. But the continent has seen other coercive regimes come and go throughout its history, which are highlighted in this series. The Oberists from Greece make the start.

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