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The Secret RiverThe Secret River
ABC (AU), 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Adventure, History, Mini-Series

The Secret River dramatises the British colonisation of Australia in microcosm, with the dispossession of Indigenous Australians made comprehensible and ultimately heart-breaking as Will's claim over a piece land he titles "Thornhill's Point", brings his family and neighbours into conflict with the traditional owners of the land.

War on Waste (AU)War on Waste (AU)
ABC (AU), 2017 Running | Documentary

The exciting new three-part factual series War on Waste will turn the spotlight on the staggering amount of waste we produce as a nation, and how together we can do something about it. No stranger to confronting situations, presenter Craig Reucassel will take on the supermarkets, challenge Australians to go waste free, debunk recycling myths, and uncover some shocking truths about fashion waste. Most importantly he'll take a critical look at household, retail and farming waste in Australia - and ask, what has changed in the Australian psyche, and in our consumer culture, that has led us to become among the most wasteful nations on Earth?

Back in Time for Dinner (AU)Back in Time for Dinner (AU)
ABC (AU), 2018 Running | Cooking/Food, Documentary
Rating: 5/5

Guided by Annabel Crabb, an Aussie family goes on a time-traveling adventure to discover how the food we eat has transformed the way we live, the fabric of the nation and defined family roles over the past 60 years.

Outback RingerOutback Ringer
ABC (AU), 2020 Cancelled/Ended | Reality, Documentary

Follow a handful of brave men and women making a living catching feral bulls and buffalo in the desolate Australian outback. It's a high-risk, dangerous job, filled with high-reward and a hell of a lot of deal-making.

The Gods of Wheat StreetThe Gods of Wheat Street
ABC (AU), 2014 Cancelled/Ended | Drama
Rating: 4/5

The Gods of Wheat Street is a 6 x 1 hour television drama series that transports the audience into the world, hearts and humor of a modern Aboriginal family of local legends. Head of the family before his time, Odin Freeburn is being pulled in all directions. As a young boy twenty years ago he promised his dying mother he would keep the family together. Now he has one brother in jail, another brother is in love with the daughter of the family enemy, and his wife has run away to the city leaving him to raise their two daughters. His employer has just died, his sister-in-law is in love with him, and the spirit of his mother Eden has come back on a mission to protect the important destiny of the Freeburn line..... just a normal day for Odin Freeburn.

Exposed: The Case of Keli LaneExposed: The Case of Keli Lane
ABC (AU), 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Crime, Mystery, Documentary

SEX. MURDER. SECRETS. LIES. A missing baby. Her mother behind bars. In this ground-breaking three-part television event, Caro Meldrum-Hanna investigates one of Australia's most notorious crimes: the disappearance of two-day old Tegan Lane and the conviction of her mother Keli Lane of her murder.

Anh's Brush with FameAnh's Brush with Fame
ABC (AU), 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Reality, Talk Shows

Comedian Anh Do delves into the lives of celebrities through painting their portraits, revealing their stories and personalities in a unique way. With his infectious humor and artistic talent, Anh's Brush with Fame is a captivating series that offers a fresh perspective on the world of fame and creativity.

Australia Remastered: Wild AustraliansAustralia Remastered: Wild Australians
ABC (AU), 2020 On Hiatus | Documentary

Explore some of Australia's most iconic and fascinating animals. From mysterious orca to the iconic kangaroo, intelligent parrots and the secret lives of reptiles, all have evolved to survive across the Australian landscape.

Miriam Margolyes: Australia UnmaskedMiriam Margolyes: Australia Unmasked
ABC (AU), 2022 On Hiatus | Travel, Documentary

The irrepressible Miriam Margolyes has packed up the campervan and is on the road once again. Miriam sets out to understand what the 'Fair Go' means in Australia today and how it is playing out in the diverse lives of her fellow citizens.

Luke Warm SexLuke Warm Sex
ABC (AU), 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Documentary

What could be more awkward (or more entertaining) than Luke McGregor talking about sex? Oh wait...Luke McGregor trying to get better at sex. Yep way more awkward and seriously funnier. In this docu comedy series, Luke is going to get better at sex with a little help from sexperts, therapists, scientists, tantric practitioners and sexual empowerment coaches. The aim? Transforming him from lukewarm to red hot.

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