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Miriam Margolyes: Australia UnmaskedMiriam Margolyes: Australia Unmasked
ABC (AU), 2022 On Hiatus | Travel, Documentary

The irrepressible Miriam Margolyes has packed up the campervan and is on the road once again. Miriam sets out to understand what the 'Fair Go' means in Australia today and how it is playing out in the diverse lives of her fellow citizens.

Luke Warm SexLuke Warm Sex
ABC (AU), 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary, Comedy

What could be more awkward (or more entertaining) than Luke McGregor talking about sex? Oh wait...Luke McGregor trying to get better at sex. Yep way more awkward and seriously funnier. In this docu comedy series, Luke is going to get better at sex with a little help from sexperts, therapists, scientists, tantric practitioners and sexual empowerment coaches. The aim? Transforming him from lukewarm to red hot.

Old People's Home for TeenagersOld People's Home for Teenagers
ABC (AU), 2022 Running | Documentary

In a compelling new intergenerational experiment, older adults are brought together with teenagers to see if the power of this intergenerational program can transform the lives of older people and teenagers amid an epidemic of loneliness. Will they change their views on the older generation and help to dispel ageism throughout Australia? Will the teenagers bring back a sense of purpose to the lives of the older people and improve their overall mental and physical health?

Back in Very Small BusinessBack in Very Small Business
ABC (AU), 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy
Rating: 4/5

Don Angel, a trumped-up small businessman seeks validation through his small business kingdom, but finds unexpected solace from his odd squad of employees.

MythBusters: There's Your Problem!MythBusters: There's Your Problem!
ABC (AU), 2021 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary

Epic problem-solving - MythBusters style! This hugely popular and iconic franchise returns with a spin-off series featuring themed episodes, each packed with handpicked myths on a particular subject - all drawn from the depths of the MythBusters archive. The new episodes allow viewers to take a deeper dive into key topics like water, gas, gravity, velocity, energy and pressure. For example, if you want to know more about Newton's laws, tune in to May the Force Be With Youfor a one-stop-shop of everything the MythBusters learned about equal and opposite reactions. With a subject-driven approach and drawing on over a decade's worth of brilliant, action-packed tests, the series shapes up as a MythBusters crash-course in science; a unique, fun-filled and custom-made encyclopaedia of impacts, explosions and experiments that everyone can enjoy.

Dream GardensDream Gardens
ABC (AU), 2017 On Hiatus | Housing/Building, Documentary
Rating: 2/5

From the first spade hitting the ground to the incredible end result, Dream Gardens captures some of the most imaginative and challenging garden designs coming to life. This is a series that celebrates the great gardens of today, the best of Australian design and the spaces from which viewers can take inspiration.

Gardening AustraliaGardening Australia

Gardening Australia provides practical, realistic, and credible horticultural and gardening advice, inspiring and entertaining all Australian gardeners around the nation. Presented by Australia's leading horticultural experts and hosted by Peter Cundall-a national icon-Gardening Australia is a valuable resource to all gardeners through the television program, the magazine, books, DVDs, live Expos and extensive online content.

Revelation (2020)Revelation (2020)
ABC (AU), 2020 Cancelled/Ended | Crime, Reality, Documentary, News

Award-winning reporter Sarah Ferguson presents Revelation, a three-part ground-breaking documentary series on the criminal priests and brothers of the Catholic Church, their crimes laid bare for the first time in their own words.

ABC (AU), 2019 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Children

A clandestine tunnel party draws crowds of teenagers with the lure of a wild night. When an amateur stunt goes spectacularly wrong it sends the revellers fleeing head-on into a mysterious accident that will change the life of five teenagers forever.

72 Dangerous Places to Live72 Dangerous Places to Live
ABC (AU), 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary

From its tempestuous, turbulent atmosphere to its consistently moving and shifting tectonic plates, the Earth can be a very dangerous place to live. Devastation can take on many guises; hurricanes lashing southern United States, blistering fires sweeping Australia's bushland, earthquakes crumbling cities in one bold seismic move, sink holes swallowing homes into darkness and walls of water hurtling toward island continents with such speed and ferocity leaving no chance of escape. From first-hand accounts from the people that live there, 72 Dangerous Places to Live is a fascinating discovery of the world's riskiest places to live.

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