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Dirty Girls Social ClubDirty Girls Social Club

This is based on the best-selling novel by Alisa Valdes with Ligiah Villalobos serving as showrunner. Anne Thomopoulos and veteran network executive Lucia Cottone will also serve as executive producers. "The Dirty Girls Social Club" is a half-hour series about six diverse professional women living in New York City who have known each other since college. Ten years later, and through professional and personal successes, failures and heartaches, the one thing they can always count on is each other. The series will explore womanhood in all its glory, with both humor and drama, and always with heart.

Head CaseHead Case
Starz, 2007 | Comedy

Dr. Elizabeth Goode is a therapist. She works in LA with celebrities. Celebrities in LA tend to live fast and hard in a rock-n-roll roller coaster lifestyle. These celebrities need help to deal with some of their personal issues from a sympathetic and understanding and professional person. Dr. Elizabeth Goode is not that person.

Warriors of Liberty CityWarriors of Liberty City
Starz, 2018 | Sports, Documentary
Rating: 5/5

Warriors of Liberty City explores Liberty City - a crime-ridden neighborhood in Miami, Florida that is arguably the NFL's largest football factory. The series follows a season with the Liberty City Warriors, a youth football program founded by an unlikely mentor: Luther Campbell, better known as "Uncle Luke" from the 2 Live Crew. Before Moonlight shook the Oscars, Liberty City was best known for some of the biggest names in football, including Devonta Freeman, Antonio Brown, Duke Johnson and Teddy Bridgewater. But it's also a place synonymous with poverty and gun violence, and even more disturbing, in Liberty City, it's now kids killing kids. Yet in the face of trauma and tragedy, football legends are born.


"Teresa" is based on the Mexican telenovela "Teresa," focuses on an undocumented young Latina clawing her way into the exclusive world of Los Angeles wealth. The series will chronicle her ruthless pursuit of money and power and her willingness to do anything to get them.

Outlander: Blood of My BloodOutlander: Blood of My Blood
Starz, in development | Adventure, Romance

Drama that will follow the love story of Jamie Fraser's parents.

Party Down (2022)Party Down (2022)
Starz, in development | Comedy

Six-part limited series revival of cult comedy hit Part Down. The series follows a Los Angeles catering team - a sextet of Hollywood wannabes stuck working for tips while hoping for their "big break". Each episode of this half-hour comedy finds the hapless catering team working a new event - and inevitably getting tangled up with the colorful guests and their absurd lives.

Kung Fu Dino PosseKung Fu Dino Posse

Kung Fu Dino Posse is the animated series that proves that you can never get enough animals with martial arts skills, as we see the adventures of a new pack of dino crime-fighters. The dinosaurs Kane, Chow, Jet and Lucy are thawed after ages in a deep freeze. Now they are given the mission to guard Megaopolis, which is under attack by their ancient enemy. The evil nemesis Skor is out to destroy Megaopolis, and ultimately the human race. They are on a mission to discover the powerful magic gems hidden throughout the city, but the Dino Posse must stop them. They use their cunning wit and blazing moves to try to take down Skor, who's bumbling brother attempts to help him with his nefarious plans. Can they finally defeat their enemy Skor or will he become too powerful? Is Megaopolis doomed? Will the human race be wiped out? Are dinosaurs doing kung fu awesome?

Hollywood ResidentialHollywood Residential
Starz, 2008 | Comedy

Tony King's acting career is going down the drain with his only prospect for fame being a home improvement show on a low-rent cable channel. Not giving in to his failed career, Tony decides to book as many celebrity guests as he can to boost his own career in Hollywood Residential.

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