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BBC Four, 2014 | Comedy, Discovery/Science | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.8/5

This series follows two friends who go in search of their hearts desires with metal detectors.

Dirk GentlyDirk Gently
BBC Four, 2012 | Comedy, Drama, Adventure, Crime | ► Trailer
Rating: 3.8/5

Stephen Mangan plays Dirk Gently in an adaptation of the novel for BBC.

James May: The ReassemblerJames May: The Reassembler
BBC Four, 2016 | Documentary
Rating: 4.3/5

When we look around our homes, sheds and garages we see an array of household objects that with one click of a button or twist of a knob will spring to life, and - most of the time - do exactly what we want them to. But how on earth do these objects work? To find out, James May (fuelled by endless cups of tea) heads into his workshop with thousands of little pieces to assemble some of our most beloved and recognisable objects from scratch to see what it actually takes to get them to work.

Only ConnectOnly Connect
BBC Four, 2008 | Family, Educational, Lifestyle, Game Show
Rating: 5/5

Quiz show in which connections must be made between apparently unconnected things, where patience and lateral thinking are as vital as knowledge. Hosted by Victoria Coren.

Twenty TwelveTwenty Twelve
BBC Four, 2011 | Comedy, Sports
Rating: 3.3/5

The 2012 London Olympics are coming! But not if this lot can help it. Jessica Hynes, Hugh Bonneville and Olivia Colman star in this BBC4 six-part mockumentary about the poor organising skills of the people behind the scenes.

Charlie Brooker's ScreenwipeCharlie Brooker's Screenwipe
BBC Four, 2006 | Comedy, Documentary
Rating: 1/5

Screenwipe mostly consists of reviews and opinions of other TV shows and segments showing how TV is made. Anything that airs on TV is a potential target of humour and criticism, from late-night game shows to TV news, ads, reality shows and Screenwipe itself.

There She GoesThere She Goes
BBC Four, 2018 | Comedy, Drama | ► Trailer
Rating: 3.6/5

Join Rosie, a 9-year-old girl with severe learning disabilities, her parents and brother, as they navigate the challenges of everyday life. This heartwarming series sheds light on the realities of living with disabilities, offering a poignant and humorous take on family life.

The Sky At NightThe Sky At Night
BBC Four, 1957 | Documentary
Rating: 4.5/5

This is one of the longest running programmes on television; it has been around since before the age of space travel and most of the episodes were presented by Sir Patrick Moore.

Getting OnGetting On
BBC Four, 2009 | Comedy, Drama, Medical | ► Trailer
Rating: 1/5

Darkly comic drama series about life on an NHS geriatric ward.

Newswipe with Charlie BrookerNewswipe with Charlie Brooker

Join Charlie Brooker as he takes a satirical look at the week's news, exposing the absurdity and hypocrisy of the media. With sharp wit and biting commentary, Newswipe provides a refreshing perspective on current events. Premiered in 2009.

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