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Beautiful MindsBeautiful Minds

Three of Britain's most influential and respected scientists explain how their unique scientific perspectives have redefined how we think about the world around us

Hidden Histories: Britain's Oldest Family BusinessesHidden Histories: Britain's Oldest Family Businesses

Margaret Mountford follows the bosses of three different companies as they go back into the past of their family businesses.

Mindful Escapes: Breathe, Release, RestoreMindful Escapes: Breathe, Release, Restore

Immersive viewing experience, featuring a combination of sequences from natural history programmes.

Our Musical HistoryOur Musical History

A seven part series, each episode focuses on a different genre of music, from blues to soul to disco to country, with some of its leading practitioners going through their favourite tunes and moments, helping us to appreciate which makes each genre special.

Wartime Secrets with Harry HarrisWartime Secrets with Harry Harris

History guide Harry Harris uncovers hidden secrets and stories from World War II.

The People's History of PopThe People's History of Pop

Five decades of British rock and pop music, told by the people who loved it most - the fans. The BBC is collecting photos, audio & video of your cherished music memorabilia - ticket stubs, diary entries, teen band recordings, rare footage and more - to tell the stories of British rock and pop music from the 50s to the 00s. Whether you were into skiffle, punk, hip hop or anything in between, we want to see your stuff and hear your stories!

Black Music Legends of the 1980sBlack Music Legends of the 1980s

Series of documentaries looking at the careers of four titans of African-American music: Janet Jackson, Prince, Lionel Richie and Public Enemy.

UK's Best Part-Time BandUK's Best Part-Time Band
BBC Four, 2016 | Reality

Comedian Rhod Gilbert embarks on a road trip across the country on a mission to find the UK's best part-time band.

Baroque - From St Peter's to St Paul'sBaroque - From St Peter's to St Paul's

A major new three-part series for BBC Four tells the story of the Baroque age. Written and presented by art critic Waldemar Januszczak and filmed in high definition in many of the key locations of Baroque across Europe, the series explores the impact of the world's first truly global art movement as it travelled from Catholic Rome to Protestant London between 1600 and 1720, before eventually ending up as the house style of the whole of Latin America. The Baroque is habitually presented as an era of brilliant individuals: Caravaggio in Italy, Velazquez in Spain, Rubens in Flanders and Rembrandt in Holland are some of the greatest artists that have ever lived. But a wider truth about the Baroque, often overlooked, is that it was an era of huge artistic achievement across the board - articulating itself through a multitude of art forms and in numerous ways. Although the Baroque can initially be understood as a powerful fight back by the Catholic Church against Protestantism, the style lost many of its religious ambitions as it spread across the world, leaving only the need to be noticed.

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