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Junk GypsiesJunk Gypsies
HGTV, 2012 Cancelled/Ended | Reality

Junk Gypsies features designers Amie Sikes and Jolie Sikes as they take their rebellious independent spirit and unusual design philosophy on a special mission to find junk and use it to transform homes. The Junk Gypsies, whose clientele includes country music stars and Hollywood actors, have a large and passionate social media fan base of fellow design rebels who first discovered them from Finding beauty and value in items that would otherwise end up in the trash, these sisters are raucous and rowdy treasure hunters or whimsical and colorful designer/decorators, but they are definitely not antiquers or pickers.

Genevieve's RenovationGenevieve's Renovation

Designer Genevieve Gorder takes on her biggest project yet, renovating her own New York apartment for her and her daughter, Bebelle. Follow along as she breaks down the walls next door to transform her tiny 1850's apartment into a fabulous space. But prime New York real estate always comes at a price, and the apartment next door has been untouched for 40 years which means this design challenge will be her toughest ever. From rotted floors, to construction delays and materials too big for her small stairways, can she succeed all while living out of a suitcase?

Backyard TakeoverBackyard Takeover
HGTV, 2015 On Hiatus | Garden/Landscape

Landscape designer Jamie Durie helps homeowners transform their neglected, overgrown and out-of-control outdoor spaces. In each episode, he tackles two lackluster backyards and turns them into showstopping oases tailored to each family's needs.

Half Price ParadiseHalf Price Paradise
HGTV, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Reality

Can you upgrade your life - and still save a big stash of cash? In each episode of Half-Price Paradise, a couple moves to a new town that's both spectacular and surprisingly affordable. As they hunt for a home, experience all the new location has to offer, and calculate the savings of this low-cost lifestyle, we'll reveal all they'll gain when they leave their higher-cost lives behind and make the move to paradise.

What You Get for Your MoneyWhat You Get for Your Money
HGTV, 2019 On Hiatus | Reality

Prospective homebuyers search two different cities for properties with the same exact price tag. Once they realize what their money can buy, these home seekers may end up making an unexpected choice!

Music City FixMusic City Fix
HGTV, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Housing/Building, Reality

Husband-and-wife team, Kortney and Dave Wilson breathe new life into old, rundown Nashville homes. With limited timelines and even tighter budgets, these flippers gamble on real estate disasters and transform them into stunning family dream homes.

House Hunters: Where Are They Now?House Hunters: Where Are They Now?
HGTV, 2012 Running | Reality

You've seen which one they chose, but what happens to the house hunters after they buy? From incredible renovations to new additions and relocations, even total rebuilds! Follow along as we check in on memorable House Hunters families to see what happened after they found the perfect - or not-so-perfect - place.

My Big Family RenovationMy Big Family Renovation
HGTV, 2014 Cancelled/Ended | Housing/Building, Reality

Jen and Brandon Hatmaker - and family - take a Texas-sized plunge when they undertake the restoration of a 100-year-old farmhouse just outside Austin. What happens when a family of seven decides to take on a top-to-bottom home renovation?

Welcome Back PotterWelcome Back Potter
HGTV, 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Reality
Rating: 1/5

In this show, actress Monica Potter has returned to Cleveland, Ohio to buy and restore her childhood home, which has remained unchanged for three decades. Together with her feisty mother and three outspoken sisters, she's leading a massive renovation of the lake house, bringing back its original glory along with contemporary touches. From the furniture and mementos of her youth, to some hidden history, Monica uncovers more than she ever expected coming home.

Grand Designs: Unbelievable BuildsGrand Designs: Unbelievable Builds
HGTV, 2020 Cancelled/Ended | Reality, Documentary

Renowned Australian architect Peter Maddison follows people as they attempt to build their own custom dream home. In each episode, Peter presents the authentic journey and challenges behind building these homes - many of which are architectural feats.