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Deadly Dentists

While our fears of dentists are largely unfounded, there are times when it's right to be afraid. DEADLY DENTISTS delivers true stories about dentists involved in murder, giving us reason again to say we're afraid of the dentist.

The First Kill

Before there were dozens of victims, a nation-wide manhunt, and a guilty serial killer, there was "THE FIRST KILL". This series explores the initial murder that inspired a killing spree, confounded law enforcement, and terrified the masses. Detectives who are haunted by unforgotten cold cases will finally connect the dots while family and friends of victims at last understand their loved one's death.

I Married a Mobster

A series which tells the stories of women who were married to men involved in organized crime.


In this series, hunky Hollywood actors from the '80s and '90s reunite on screen to portray real-life dreamboats who turned into total nightmares. Directed and written in a sensational, Aaron Spelling-esque style reminiscent of classic primetime soaps, Heartbreakers takes true stories ripped from the headlines to show what really happens when the perfect catch turns out to be the perfect criminal.

The Wives Did It

This is a docudrama series of tales of polygamy and brutal murder.

British Police Murdered on Duty

Presented by Rav Wilding, the show commemorates brave police officers murdered in the line of duty. The series tells the stories of the most high-profile police murders of the past 50 years, including the infamous Shepherd's Bush murders, Dale Cregan's murder of PC Nicola Hughes and PC Fiona Bones and the murder of PC Ian Broadhurst. Combining first-hand accounts and expert analysis, viewers are given real background and insight into the role of the police officer and how the thin blue line they walk o#en leads them into danger.

Your Number's Up

Your Number's Up reveals the stories of lottery winners whose newly minted millions have taken a treacherous turn. From long-lost relatives coming out of the woodwork asking for money, to being stalked by criminal predators, Your Number's Up proves that when you win the lottery your life doesn't always change for the better.

Twisted Tales of 9 to 5

Everyone remembers a job they've hated - from overbearing bosses who yell at their employees, to companies that put their interns on "coffee duty." But when a boss' requests go from demanding to bizarre, office gossip blows up in an inter-employee feud. (formally"TWISTED TALES OF MY 9 TO 5" ) now "Twisted Tales of 9 to 5" tells the stories of typical work days that have turned into horrid tales.

Rebecca Zahau: An ID Murder Mystery

When 32-year-old Rebecca Zahau and 6-year-old Max Shacknai both die under mysterious circumstances at the same Coronado mansion, two families begins to search for answers. conclusions.

Love the Way You Lie

There may be two sides to every story but when it comes to murder, whose story will you believe? Inspired by the best-selling blockbuster novel, Gone Girl, Investigation Discovery's (ID) new series, LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE brings viewers real life crime stories in which the truth is disputed. From suicides that could be staged, to murder disguised as self-defense, LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE examines the fine line between evil and innocent. Filmed in a classic he said-she said style, episodes follow both versions as events in the relationship unfold simultaneously, leaving viewers to ultimately decide the truth.