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Six stylists from New Jersey fight for the spotlight in this comedy docu-soap. Get ready for big drama, big families, and very big hair!

Big Rich Texas

Get to know the inside of the elite Dallas social scene following five rich and competitive mothers and their spoiled daughters.

Giuliana & Bill

Former Apprentice winner Bill Rancic and the Style Channel anchorwoman Giuliana will take on their own reality show on the STYLE network.

Big Rich Atlanta

This show enters the exclusive world of Buckhead Country Club, where outrageously wealthy mothers and daughters do whatever it takes to stay on top of the social scene and in control of the action. It's hot, it's humid, and it's full of drama.


As owner of one of the leading beauty salons in the Second City, Johnson oversees his team of talented yet fiery hair and makeup artists who love to create drama from the looks they give their clients to the manner in which they deal with each other.

Tia & Tamera

Tia and Tamera are back working together. In this show it features Tia's married life and Tamera's dating situation.

Clean House

Each week, one cluttered clan puts itself at the mercy of host Tempestt Bledsoe and her crew of interior designers and organizers. They decide what stays and, more importantly, what goes--by way of a giant yard sale. Then they turn around and pour the proceeds into a much-needed home makeover.

Glam Fairy

Get to know the world of the makeup artist "Glam Fairy" herself, Alexa Prisco. Alexa decides to leave Gatsby Salon and start her own business - The Glam Factory. This is where she will showcase her makeup skills and create her list of clientele.

Fashion Bloggers

Documentary following the lives of five Australian fashion, beauty and lifestyle writers as they style, shoot and post editorials through their blogs and social media outlets, giving viewers a behind the scenes look at how their busy schedules affect their personal lives.

Too Fat for 15: Fighting Back

The lives and issues of four extremely overweight teens and one pre-teen who have been brought by their families to the North Carolina campus of Wellspring Academy are examined in this series.