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Survivor (UK)Survivor (UK)
ITV, 2001 | Reality

The reality TV show which took the US by storm finally arrived in the UK in May 2001. Sixteen contestants were marooned on the island of Pulau Tiga, for a month of scheming and bitching. Despite low ratings, ITV comissioned a second series. The second series of Survivor was set on a group of Islands off the coast of Panama. The number of contestants was reduced to only twelve, so that viewers got to know them better. The contestants were split up and put onto either North Island or South Island. The format of the game is simple - the two tribes follow a three day cycle. On the first day, they compete in a Reward Challenge - and the tribe who wins will get something to make their lives on the island a little bit easier. On the second day, they will take part in an Immunity Challenge - and the tribe who loses will be taken to Tribal Council on the third day, to vote so that someone will leave the game

Who's Doing the Dishes?Who's Doing the Dishes?
ITV, 2014 | Game Show

Who's Doing the Dishes? is a thrilling game show hosted by Brian McFadden. Four contestants must guess the name of their mystery host to win big. The show takes contestants on a wild adventure, testing their wits and bravery. With high stakes and unexpected twists, Who's Doing the Dishes? is a must-watch for game show fans.

ITV, 1965 | Drama, Sci-Fi

When Drew returns to England, he discovers his brother is brainwashed by an alien force. Together with his sister-in-law, they fight to stop the invasion. Drew and Anne investigate the subversive acts and try to alert the authorities to the danger. Will they be able to save their loved ones and the world?

Harbour LivesHarbour Lives

The show follows Ben Fogle as he finds out more about the county of Dorset which is home to one of country's most dramatic coastlines with its craggy cliffs, miles of stunning sandy beaches and four million visitors every year.

Dame Edna's Neighbourhood WatchDame Edna's Neighbourhood Watch

Dame Edna's Neighbourhood Watch was a 1992 comic game show. Is nothing too private or too sacred? "Welcome to the dame show that's a game show." With her familiar greeting of "Welcome, possums!!," Dame Edna uses her purple possum picker to find three contestants from an all-female audience. Unbeknownst to the three, a camera crew is poised in front of one of their homes, ready to invade her bedrooms and bathrooms, her drawers and cabinets. Dame Edna's camera crew peeps into every nook and cranny accompanied, of course, by her biting and witty commentary. Embarrassing? You bet!

Give Us A ClueGive Us A Clue
ITV, 1979 | Game Show

Give Us A Clue was a popular British TV show where celebrities competed in a game of charades. The show was known for its hilarious moments and high energy performances. Each week, the show featured a new team of celebrities who would try to guess the clues given by their teammates. The show was a hit with audiences and ran for several years.

The UndriveablesThe Undriveables

The Undriveables is a hilarious reality TV show that pairs terrible learner drivers with top instructors to see if they can finally pass their driving test. With plenty of drama, tears, and laughs, this show is a must-watch for anyone who has ever struggled behind the wheel.

Extraordinary WeddingsExtraordinary Weddings

The show follows the inspirational stories of six couples who, against all the odds and having faced some of life's toughest challenges, are finally going to be tying the knot and saying 'I do'. Each episode follows the incredible journey of two couples, from the events that made them unite in the face of adversity, through to the moment their big day arrives and they get to marry their beloved.

Beadle's AboutBeadle's About
ITV, 1986 | Comedy, Reality

Beadle's About was a TV series produced by LWT for ITV Network. For ten series, it pranked unsuspecting members of the public and captured their horrified reactions on hidden cameras. The show became essential Saturday-night viewing in millions of homes and was the topic of countless Monday-morning conversations at work or school.

Women Behind BarsWomen Behind Bars
ITV, 2013 | Documentary

Women Behind Bars provides an in-depth profile of the lives of incarcerated women. The show delves deep into their stories of how and why they committed their crimes and sheds light on how life is really like behind prison walls.