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Forbidden HistoryForbidden History
Yesterday, 2013 | History, Documentary
Rating: 5/5

Jamie Theakston's Forbidden History uncovers the truth behind great myths, conspiracy theories, ancient treasures, lost civilisations and war time secrets.

Secrets of the London UndergroundSecrets of the London Underground
Yesterday, 2021 | Documentary
Rating: 4/5

Ever wonder what's behind closed doors at stations, what lies beneath the streets of London and what secret stories this fascinating city holds? Take a trip below the surface with Siddy Holloway and Tim Dunn with the new 6-part series Secrets of the London Underground. Catch it on Yesterday or UKTV Play this July. Join the the pair as they explore abandoned tunnels, secret bunkers and hidden staircases that have been concealed from public view for years - including midnight track walks, exploring the deepest point of the London Underground and even a lost station from 1906.

Ancient Black OpsAncient Black Ops

Throughout history, rulers have had teams of elite soldiers to execute those special missions that just couldn't be accomplished by large militias. Each episode of this documentary series takes us back to a long-ago time and place to witness one of these units using its special skill set to get close enough to take out even the most elusive of enemies.

Scouting for ToysScouting for Toys
Yesterday, 2022 | Documentary | ► Trailer
Rating: 4/5

Scouting for Toys follows internationally renowned Vectis Toys Auctioneers in County Durham, where buyers and sellers from all over the world come to trade every toy imaginable, from Star Wars figures to vintage dolls. In the surprising world of toy auctions, no two days are the same - some toys will smash the guide price while others may fail to meet their reserve. The series discovers how toys are valued and catalogued ahead of their weekly auctions. Along the way, we'll meet passionate people selling the treasured collections they've amassed over decades.

Bangers & CashBangers & Cash

Bangers & Cash follows the Mathewsons - a dynasty of classic car auctioneers from picturesque North Yorkshire. The charismatic and friendly family hunt for rare vehicles to sell and they uncover some remarkable and heartwarming stories behind the cars as they do.

Bangers & Cash: Restoring ClassicsBangers & Cash: Restoring Classics

In each episode, the team will eye up a few likely restoration projects coming up at the Mathewsons public auction, put their hands in the air and their own money on the line.


This show follows various inquisitions throughout history. Episodes include the Cathar Templars, the Spanish Inquisition, and persecutions during the Tudor era.

Retro Electro WorkshopRetro Electro Workshop

Series about the dying art of repairing electronics, fronted by super-fixer Rob Howard, one of the UK's last remaining full-time repair men of retro-electronic products. At one time, Britain had an electronics repairer on every street corner. From the 1930s to the 1980s, electronic gadgets were built to be repaired and to last a lifetime. Whether it's a classic American jukebox, a retro pinball machine, a boombox or a vintage radio, super-fixer Rob Howard and his network of experts, including Matt, are ready to find, fix, restore and revive "anything old with a plug on it". Shamil and his dad T have a wealth of knowledge about vintage electronics and find design classics ripe for restoration and re-sell.

The Architecture the Railways BuiltThe Architecture the Railways Built

Brand new series that explores the stunning architecture that lines the railway network. Transport historian and architecture enthusiast Tim Dunn celebrates the radical design and often challenging construction of many station buildings across the UK and Europe, from grand edifices in major cities to tiny rural stations serving small communities.

Impossible RailwaysImpossible Railways

Impossible Railways showcases some of the world's most extraordinary engineering achievements of the railways. With amazing access and using a trademark combination of exciting graphics, stunning footage and expert analysis, the series captures the design breakthroughs and heralds the pioneers who have embraced nature and physical challenges, to create a truly remarkable global railway network.

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