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ZDF, 1999 Running | Comedy, Drama, Crime, Thriller
Rating: 4/5

Wilsberg is a German TV series based on novels about the fictional private detective Georg Wilsberg. A first TV episode was aired in 1995, five years after the release of the first novel, starring Joachim Król. Since the second episode, Georg Wilsberg is portrayed by Leonard Lansink.

The Story of EuropeThe Story of Europe
ZDF Cancelled/Ended | Documentary
Rating: 4/5

This ground-breaking series tells the story of Europe in six glossy episodes exploring different chapters of its eventful history. It's a journey through time and across space, from physical beginnings to the first human settlers, the evolution of European culture and religion, historical achievements in exploration, technology and politics, and a daring look at the continent's present and future. Europe has been at the heart of world events for thousands of years and laid the foundations for much of modern society worldwide, while its perpetually fluctuating landscapes, climate, fauna and flora have shaped its own story. This series explores different aspects of the continent's incredible history, always set against the bigger picture. Stunning photography, pertinent questions and surprising insights paint a mesmerising portrait of Europe.

ZDF, 2021 Running | Comedy, Documentary, Talk Shows

The knowledge program "MAITHINK X - The Show" by and with Dr. Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim approaches interesting topics from different areas of science with humor. By means of reports and small demonstrations, appearances, connections and news are presented on the basis of documented facts. Cultural and political issues are not left out either.

ZDF, 2017 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, History, Mini-Series

Martin Luther (Maximilian Brückner) and his 95 theses against the indulgence trade triggered a political quake in 1517, thanks also to the book printing. It is true that the Church excommunicated Luther, but the Reformation can no longer be stopped when he does not revoke his theses even before the Emperor. Nevertheless, Luther struggles for the right path, especially with his companion Thomas Müntzer (Jan Lennart Krauter). He also wants to enforce a more equitable world with revolutionary means against the sovereign, while Luther rejects all violence. Ultimately, this dispute leads to the devastating Battle of Frankenhausen, to the death of thousands of peasants and to Thomas Müntzer's execution.

Spies of WarSpies of War
ZDF, 2019 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary

Montagu, Garbo, Fuchs, Penkovsky... they were the greatest spies of the twentieth century. Through analysis of declassified documents, archives, reconstructions, and interviews, "Spies of War" offers you a glimpse into the minds and methods of undercover operatives. Discover the tactics for transmitting top secret information. See how one man assumed 24 identities to simulate the existence of a spy ring. Witness how scientists provided the USSR with ultra-confidential plans for the atomic bomb.

Crime Scene: AntiquityCrime Scene: Antiquity
ZDF, 2019 Cancelled/Ended | Crime, Documentary

Crime has been around since the beginning of mankind. Human history tells stories of rage and hate, of greed and suffering, of death and destruction. Nothing lets us look deeper into the dark abysses of a past epoch than the murders and misdeeds committed in it. But many crimes of the past are still unsolved today. Neither the perpetrators have been caught, nor has evidence been presented against them.

Myths: The Greatest Mysteries of HumanityMyths: The Greatest Mysteries of Humanity
ZDF, 2021 Cancelled/Ended | History, Documentary

They run across all periods of history: myths. But how much truth is there in them? And what is fact and what is fiction? Each episode of the fascinating series Myths: The Greatest Mysteries of Humanity examines precisely this question. The series follows scientists and hobby researchers alike. Archaeologists uncover ancient graves and go on underwater expeditions. The traces lead to ancient Egypt, to Attila, the barbaric king of the Huns or straight in the middle of the infamous Bermuda Triangle. From biblical stories to historical figures and modern urban legends. Where is the legendary Holy Grail located? Did the fabled Atlantis really exist? And are werewolves only pure fantasy creatures?

Tod von FreundenTod von Freunden
ZDF, 2021 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

A German and a Danish family, whose previous idyllic life together goes upside down with the disappearance of one of the children.

Letzte Spur BerlinLetzte Spur Berlin
ZDF, 2012 Running | Drama, Action, Adventure, Crime

The office for missing persons of the Berlin police searches for people who have disappeared. By interviewing their family and those who last saw them, the police try to find the reasons for their disappearance. Very often, they manage to discover the missing person more or less unharmed.

Die BergretterDie Bergretter
ZDF, 2009 Running | Drama, Action
Rating: 1/5

Die Bergretter is a German mountain rescue television series. The series is set in the Austrian Alps and centers around a fictional mountain rescue team in Ramsau am Dachstein. Each episode focuses on a rescue mission, explores the background stories of the people involved the incident (more often than not caused by their risky behaviour) and the private lives of the team members.

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