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The History of MossadThe History of Mossad
ZDF, 2020 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary

On December 13, 1949, Mossad, the Israeli foreign intelligence agency, was founded. With its creation, the existence of Israel was guaranteed as a safe haven for Jews around the world. Since then, the Mossad has been considered as life insurance against a possible second Holocaust with agents prepared for everything.

The Battle Against RomeThe Battle Against Rome
ZDF Cancelled/Ended | Documentary

Arminius - born as the son of a Cheruscan, abducted as a pawn of the Romans, and raised as a soldier, he returns to subdued Germania under Emperor Augustus. He makes himself the leader of the revolt against Rome, resulting in the destruction of the legions of Varus' in the year 9 AD. On the side of Arminius', the audience will experience the "clash of cultures" between the Romans and Germania. In a memorable television event, we accompany him from the simple mud hut of his father to ancient Rome, from the plains of Pannonia to battlefields in the gorges of the Teutoburg Forest.

Die Toten von SalzburgDie Toten von Salzburg
ZDF, 2015 Running | Comedy, Crime
Rating: 4/5

The Austrian investigators Major Palfinger and Irene Russmeyer repeatedly receive unwelcome support from Munich chief inspector Hubert Mur. They solve criminal cases in and around Salzburg with a lot of humor and precision.

ZDF, 2022 Running | Comedy, Drama

Franziska, Meike, Samira and Nadine are not only connected by a strong friendship and the neighborhood in Wendehammer - the four also keep a dark secret together.

Sketch HistorySketch History
ZDF, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy

A german sketch-based comedy show about history. Within ten 30 minute episodes, the audience will be taken to a entertaining journey through the human history. It will go from the primeval humans, across the renaissance, the seventies as far to the fall of the Berlin wall. The last moments in the Fuhrer's bunker 1945 will be examined just as the background from the assassination of J. F. Kennedy and the circumstance that lead to mutiny on the Bounty.

Merz versus MerzMerz versus Merz
ZDF, 2019 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Family

Merz vs Merz is a witty German comedy series about a long-married couple trying to navigate their relationship amidst family and business demands. With relatable characters and clever writing, this show explores the challenges of maintaining a marriage and a career.

ZDF, 2017 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Mini-Series

Everything seems to be perfect for Frank Sporbert, husband, father with a successful medium-sized company: the immaculate facade, including a modern detached house and a climate-neutral car has cracks. His wife Carmen has been having an affair with her fitness trainer for some time, and for his kids Max and Becky, he is just some kind of ATM. Even in his company, Frank seems meaningless. His employees finish important deals themselves, and his absence is not even noticeable. Frank feels empty and without prospects. Then is neighbor daughter Sascha Decker at his door. Barely half as old as Frank, she feels as empty and lost as he is. The daughter of wealthy parents could have anything that she wants - but she is not perceived in her family. Sascha does not want to enter into the life prepared by her parents.

Lass dich überwachen!Lass dich überwachen!
ZDF, 2018 Running | Comedy, Game Show, Talk Shows, News
Rating: 5/5

Let yourself be monitored! In the "PRISM IS A DANCER Show" with Jan Böhmermann, the unsuspecting studio audience becomes the focus of the show. In the run-up to his show, Böhmermann had the live audience scanned for their digital activities. Embarrassing party selfies on Facebook, YouTube uploads that were thought to be dead, detailed LinkedIn resumes - the Internet forgets nothing. From the sum of all the juicy finds, the team has created a colorful, eventful show, including studio activities, inset films and celebrity guests. Of course, Böhmermann doesn't want to make the candidates feel uncomfortable; instead, there are great prizes to be won by all participants in the show, which has won the German Comedy Award.

ZDF, 2003 Cancelled/Ended | Military/War, History, Documentary
Rating: 5/5

The Eastern Front experienced the viciousness of war on a scale of unimaginable horror and brutality. The bloodiest and most savage fighting took place in Stalingrad between August 1942 and February 1943. Stalin's city on the Volga had military significance for Hitler. It carried the name of his enemy and therefore had to be destroyed. The ensuing battle sealed the fates of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians and marked the turning point of World War II. It was the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany. In 3 parts, documentary filmmakers Sebastian Dehnhardt, Christian Deick and Jorg Mullner reveal new historical facts while touching the emotions of their audience with new, moving eyewitness accounts and confessions from some of the last survivors.

Blutige AnfängerBlutige Anfänger
ZDF, 2020 Running | Drama, Crime, Thriller

During police academy in Halle, students face first homicide cases under seasoned detectives' guidance. Mistakes arise as beginners learn. Each episode sees a case solved while exploring personal lives.

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