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Hotel MondialHotel Mondial
ZDF, 2023 Running | Drama, Family

For the new boss Eva de Vries, the course is clear: only rigorous savings will be able to save the Hotel Mondial. De Vries is herself a deportee, her global hotel group has ordered her directly from the management board to the less than glamorous Schwerin. Eva now keeps everyone busy there, but she didn't reckon with the temperament of the food boss Uli and even less with the fact that she soon started to develop feelings for the woman. Uli leads a happy family life with the housekeeping boss Jeremy. A little later, Lara Hildebrandt shows up at the hotel with a very specific purpose: she wants to find out at all costs what happened to her mother on a dramatic night years ago. She then disappeared from the hotel without a trace. Actually, she plans to work as an assistant to the management, but Eva does not tolerate that.

Taunus ThrillerTaunus Thriller
ZDF, 2013 On Hiatus | Drama, Crime, Thriller

At Kripo Hofheim, an unconventional duo investigates: Pia Kirchhoff (Felicitas Woll) and Oliver von Bodenstein (Tim Bergmann). In the fairytale and mystically enchanted Taunus, the two approach the suspects and their motives with a keen sense and knowledge of human nature and often look into the depths of the soul. With skillful meticulousness and sometimes different investigative approaches, the two complement each other ideally. While Oliver, a widower of straw, has to keep his two pubescent children in check and fears for the future of his marriage, Pia struggles with traumatic memories that emerge in the face of the investigation.

SOKO StuttgartSOKO Stuttgart
ZDF, 2009 Running | Drama, Crime

Stuttgart is a town whose social, economic and cultural contrasts sometimes can't be reconciled without violence. It's a place that needs a special crime squad: Stuttgart Homicide. The team knows its turf inside out and glides smoothly from one level of society to another: from illegal betting clubs to mafia extortionists, from greedy quality inspectors to thieving firemen, and from fanatical Christians to bedridden mothers who can't die soon enough for their loved ones ...

Ocean StoriesOcean Stories
ZDF Cancelled/Ended | Documentary

Teeming with marine wildlife, our oceans are full of fascinating stories - like that of the sperm whale, the biggest predator on earth that lives in the Mediterranean alongside the elusive monk seal. Underwater filmmaker Thomas Behrend takes us to the habitat of the ocean sunfish with the help of a high-tech submarine camera. And while giant octopuses and manatees are the heroes of another story, a marine biologist tells us about her unique friendship with a dolphin on the Irish coast.

Doktor BallouzDoktor Ballouz
ZDF, 2021 Running | Comedy, Drama

That is the trademark of Dr. Ballouz, the unusual chief physician of a small clinic in the Uckermark region. With his team, he fights for the patients and against his past.

Ein starkes TeamEin starkes Team
ZDF, 1994 Running | Crime

It's coming up to 20 years since our illustrious Trio set off to solve some of Berlin's more bizarre murder mysteries. The humor former of DDR Volkspolizei detective Otto never seems to quite mange to adapt to the Western Way of Policing and his eccentric friend "Sputnik.

Wetten, dass..?Wetten, dass..?
ZDF, 1981 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Music, Game Show
Rating: 5/5

Wetten, dass..? is a German-language entertainment television show. The core gimmick of the show was the bets: ordinary people offer to perform some unusual (often bizarre) and very difficult task. The other major attraction of the show was the top-ranking celebrity guests. Each of the guests had to bet on the outcome of one of the performances and offer a wager, in recent years usually a humorous or mildly humiliating, originally more charitable, activity to be carried out if they lose. Until 1987, each of the celebrities bet on all the performances and the most accurate one was selected to be that show's Wettkönig ("bet king"). Ever since, one of the people performing the task is selected by a telephone vote.

Inspector JuryInspector Jury
ZDF, 2014 Cancelled/Ended | Crime

In a picturesque British landscape, Inspector Jury solves mysterious murders with wry humor, assisted by the hypochondriac Wiggins, the aristocratic Melrose Plant, and his quirky Aunt Agatha.

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