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They called our time gladiators and players in Norway's most winning hockey club sacrifice everything on the ice. Espen "Shampoo" Knutsen and the other colorful characters in Vålerenga Hockey club has allowed television cameras follow them through a long and hard hockey season.



| Reality

A Norweagian realty show where 14 people are put on a farm set 100 yards in the past, and have to survive as farmers without the luxuries of running water, electricity and mobile telephones.

Jungledyret Hugo

Adventures of Hugo and his friends.


Four participants will fight for ten weeks to win their own summer cabin. Each week, they need extensive refurbishment, contests and inspiring challenges both inside and out.

Kompani Lauritzen


| Reality

In "Kompani Lauritzen", former professional cyclist and paratrooper Dag Otto Lauritzen throws 14 celebrities on deep water in the hope that bone-hard discipline and intense challenges will turn them into whole people who live out their full potential. Kristian Ødegård is obviously tagging along and taking care of HSE and making sure that everyone survives.

TV 2 hjelper deg


| Lifestyle

Norwegian consumer magazine.



| Drama

Hvaler (also known as Maria) is a Norwegian drama written by Arne Berggren, produced by Rubicon TV for TV 2. The first season of the series was shown on TV 2 from September to December 2008, while the second season was shown from September to November 2010. Recording of the first season took place in Hvaler during the period May to October 2008, while the second season was recorded in 2009. The series won the award for best miniseries (Best Mini-series) during the Seoul International Drama Awards 2009, under the name of Maria.[1]



| Documentary

Every day someone attempts to smuggle narcotics, money, weapon, alcohol and other illegal merchandise to Norway, In this documentary you be preview to the work of the customs along multiple crossing of Norways border.

Bogaras Szulok


| Comedy

Get an insight on the everyday lives of a primary school community, its teachers and the students' parents.

Karl & Co


| Comedy

Much has happened since Mot i Brøstet: Henry and Elna have moved to Spain, Nils and Trine have moved into the old apartment to Elna, Målfrid moved to Africa and Charles move into a luxury apartment in the fictional Barlind Allé in Frogner, Oslo. Later Elna and Henry starts a restaurant that specializes in Norwegian food, Casa Noruega Elna. Nils and Trine have 4 kids, Huey, Dewey and Louie, triplets and "Little" and Elna Målfrid gets new fiance, Malcolm. This will come back to the movie millennial celebrations. Karl gets his new housing affordable fast daily visits by several of the neighbors, both from time to time. The chairman of the residents' association Ulf Rasch Ludvigsen (Knut Lystad) is fast in place after Charles moved into the building.

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