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Maniac (2015)Maniac (2015)
TV2, 2015 | Comedy, Drama

Espen is a man in his thirties who is loved by everyone. He lives in a fantastic fantasy world in his head but in real life he is a patient at the psychiatric ward. Maniac follows Espen's life as he escapes into his own head and experiences amazing situations. He is faced with the choice of being a fantasy hero or an everyday loser.


Inspired by real events, Something's Rockin' tells the fascinating story of the rise and fall of "Radio Mercur", a pirate radio station founded by a small group of music-loving dreamers in the late fifties.

Åsted NorgeÅsted Norge
TV2, 2016 | Crime, Reality, Documentary
Rating: 5/5

"Crime scene Norway" each week will do deep Norwegian crime. Using skilled journalists and a special expert team will detect and attempt to solve crimes. TV viewers can expect an intensive hunt for wanted criminals. Wherever they may be.

TV2, 2020 | Comedy

Jonny left his wife and son after a trip to Legoland. Now, 20 years later, after a life as an unorthodox and charming living man with shady connections in Denmark, he is back in Norway, in the basement of his now adult, and politically and pedagogically correct son, Steinar, with family. But are father and son so different, really?

TV2, 2022 | Comedy

The steward in Dunajéphely will be close to bankruptcy. It is owned by Pepe, the grandmaster of deep frying. Gábor Kollár, the country's chef, appears in the bakery. The chef wants to carve out a Michelin-starred restaurant while getting to know the locals.


20 players in a big game about trust. Three gets the role of traitor and eliminates the others. The loyal must expose the traitors before it is too late.


They called our time gladiators and players in Norway's most winning hockey club sacrifice everything on the ice. Espen "Shampoo" Knutsen and the other colorful characters in Vålerenga Hockey club has allowed television cameras follow them through a long and hard hockey season.

TV2, 2019 | Drama, Romance

"Heartbeat" is a relationship drama about two young people falling in love at a difficult time in life. In the series we meet Anders and Mio who after a one night stand find out that they are pregnant.

TV 2 hjelper degTV 2 hjelper deg

Norwegian consumer magazine.

Karl & CoKarl & Co
TV2, 1998 | Comedy

Karl & Co follows the lives of Karl and his neighbors in Frogner, Oslo. Elna and Henry start a Norwegian restaurant while Nils and Trine raise their triplets and 'Little'. Charles moves into a luxury apartment on Barlind Allé and Ulf Rasch Ludvigsen becomes chairman of the residents' association. Karl's new housing attracts daily visits from his neighbors.

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