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Jungledyret HugoJungledyret Hugo

Adventures of Hugo and his friends.

Hotel CæsarHotel Cæsar
TV2, 1998 | Drama, Soaps

Hotel Cæsar is a TV series that follows the lives of a family who run a big city hotel in Oslo. It explores themes of love, grief, hope, anger, and happiness. The show delves into the personal and professional lives of the hotel's owners and staff, as they navigate the challenges of running a successful business while dealing with their own personal struggles.

TV2, 2008 | Drama

Hvaler is a Norwegian drama series produced by Rubicon TV for TV 2. The first season was filmed in Hvaler during May to October 2008, while the second season was recorded in 2009. The series won the award for Best Mini-series during the Seoul International Drama Awards 2009, under the name of Maria.

Bogaras szülőkBogaras szülők
TV2, 2018 | Comedy

Get an insight on the everyday lives of a primary school community, its teachers and the students' parents.

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