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When Bamse eats Grandma's remarkable thunder-honey, he becomes the world's strongest bear. He is always the world's kindest bear. Together with his friends Little Frisky (Lille Skutt) and Professor Shellback (Skalman) he goes out on many exciting adventures.

Vem bor här?Vem bor här?
SVT1, 2017 | Reality
Rating: 5/5

Five strangers visit each others houses without knowing who lives where. The participants, as well as the viewers, try their best to guess.

Filip and MonaFilip and Mona
SVT1, 2019 | Comedy, Drama

When the burned-out gynecologist Mona starts re-integration in a grocery store, she is mentored by the 20 years younger Filip. Soon they both discover that although they're at completely different places in life, they are equally lost. The question is, can they be lost together?

Arvinge okändArvinge okänd
SVT1, 2017 | Documentary
Rating: 5/5

This program tries to locate lost heirs to persons who has recently died.

Jill's veranda, NashvilleJill's veranda, Nashville

Jill Johnson guides some famous Swedish artists in the world of country music in its hometown, Nashvlle.

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