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Fluffy Breaks EvenFluffy Breaks Even
Fuse, 2015 | Comedy, Reality, Documentary | ► Trailer
Rating: 2.3/5

Gabriel Iglesias on tour, finding the best places to eat and the best places to work out.

Big Freedia: Queen of BounceBig Freedia: Queen of Bounce
Fuse, 2013 | Music, Lifestyle, Reality, Variety
Rating: 5/5

Big Freedia, a gospel prodigy turned larger-than-life Bounce star, is on a mission to take New Orleans' Bounce music from the clubs of Canal Street to the top of the charts and the great arenas of the world. Can Freedia stay true to her roots as her stardom rises? Can she keep her New Orleans friends and family together as she moves onto the national stage? And is the world ready for the drop-dead dazzling, gender-bending "Queen Diva of Bounce", Big Freedia?

Secret Societies: In the ShadowsSecret Societies: In the Shadows
Fuse, 2022 | Documentary

Secret rituals. Blood oaths. Dark ceremonies. Fraternal orders. Around the world, and throughout history, secret societies have bubbled under the surface. In crypts and clubhouses, under lock and key, in the darkest corners of the internet, they assemble for mysterious purposes. Do they pull the levers of power or set out to destroy the ones in charge? What dark mysteries lurk behind closed doors; the sacred or the profane?

Clash of the CorpsClash of the Corps

Go inside the competitive world of Drum Corps International and follow rivals, The Cadets and Blue Devils as they battle it out for the championship title.

The Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshowThe Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow
Fuse, 2017 | Comedy, Puppets

Big stars. Small puppets. Crazy stories. Your favorite celebrities tell their untold wildest adventures, reenacted by marionette puppets.

That White People ShitThat White People Shit
Fuse, 2019 | Comedy, Reality
Rating: 5/5

What do LARPing, goat yoga, taxidermy, chainsaw carving, and Bigfoot hunting have in common? Well, they're all great examples of White People Shit. You know, shit that white people do. Hobbies, physical activities, games, or other things, that are of note because the majority of the people that enjoy them tend to be of the white variety. White people shit. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, you're in luck. Introducing That White People Shit, a show starring comedian @King Keraun. Every episode he explores a different subculture particular to white culture and immerses himself in them, trying out things like slacklining, goth culture, aerial fitness, and creative pet grooming.

Insane Clown Posse TheaterInsane Clown Posse Theater

Get ready to laugh with the Insane Clown Posse as they watch the latest music videos, movie trailers and viral videos, all the while imparting the type of insightful pop culture commentary that can only come from grown men wearing make-up.

Upcycle NationUpcycle Nation

An eco-friendly challenge series where contestants are presented with a box of mystery items to cut, sew, stitch, hammer, burn, tear, and do whatever's necessary to create a brand-new product. From taking discarded denim jeans and making them into a new functional jacket, to repurposing old Oreo bags into a new couture handbag, one man's trash will be upcycled into a treasure.

True Dating StoriesTrue Dating Stories
Fuse, 2021 | Comedy

Buckle up for real-life, real-insane stories of epic dating disasters, on True Dating Stories. There's no holding back as we dish on people's weird, sometimes creepy predicaments, run-ins with the law, and dates that just don't quite pan out.

The LineupThe Lineup
Fuse, 2016 | Variety

Ted Ginn, Jr., Marcellus Wiley, Dee Gordon, Bubba Wallace and other athletes take you through "The Lineup" of music that influences their everyday lives. We're giving you a taste of the songs that get them pumped for games, push them through their workouts and chill them out when it's time to relax. Tune in for the music that motivates your favorite athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NASCAR and more.