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VENGEANCE: Killer MillionairesVENGEANCE: Killer Millionaires
HLN, 2021 | Crime | ► Trailer

The show profiles millionaires whose greed for living the high life drove them to murder. Each one-hour episode presents a dark mystery and then takes viewers through the twists and turns of the investigation, ultimately leading to justice.

The Dead Wives ClubThe Dead Wives Club
HLN, 2019 | Crime

When a wife is found murdered, the primary suspect is often her husband. However, the killer is sometimes proven to be an intruder, a stranger, a secret lover or even the woman's own child. Sometimes a killer is never found. HLN's new six-episode series The Dead Wives Club profiles such murder cases.

Lies Crimes & VideoLies Crimes & Video
HLN, 2019 | Crime, Reality

"Lies, Crimes & Video" is an eight-part documentary series making viewers privy to the 911 calls, interrogations, jailhouse recordings, body camera, and surveillance videos captured as part of criminal investigations. HLN's true crime series shows the rescue of Kala Brown, who is found chained inside a storage container, as well as the disturbing images of a killer lurking in the hallways of a church where fitness instructor Missy Bevers is found murdered. This raw docuseries lays bare lies, wrongdoings and shocking behaviors - all caught on camera.

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