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Diet Secrets and How to Lose Weight

Infotainment series giving the skinny on what makes us fat and the surest way to successfully lose weight.

Billionaire Babies: 24 Carat Kids

Reality series following loaded parents who go to town sourcing the best for their little ones.

Building the World's Most Luxurious Ship

Building the World's Most Luxurious Ship is a documentary series about the engineers, designers and constructors racing to build the Seven Seas Explorer, which is claimed to be world's most luxurious ship.

Made in Yorkshire

Made in Yorkshire explores behind the scenes of some of the region's top food brands and sees John Prescott experience life on the factory floor.

Make You Laugh Out Loud
Channel 5,


| Comedy

A collection of comedy clips narrated by Iain Lee.

World's Greatest Mountains

An exploration of the wonders of four of the world's most iconic mountains, their nature, landscape and climate, humanity's relationship with them and our obsession with conquering these peaks.

Kitten Rescuers

Jo Brand presents a one-off Documentary following RSPCA inspectors, vets and volunteers, as they attempt to rescue Cats and Kittens who have been Neglected or Abandoned.

Greatest Ever Movie Blunders

Elis James flags errors in movies old and new.

When TV Goes Horribly Wrong

A collection of epic fails from various genres of TV.

Born to Kill (2005)

Take an in-depth look at some of the world's most prolific serial killers through the first hand accounts and testaments of the people who knew them best. Police detectives, journalists, childhood friends, room mates, attorneys and leading experts in criminal psychology will offer us an insight in to their unique relationships with the most evil of society.