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Stop! Roadworks Ahead

Britain's roads are paved with passion: close-knit gangs of hard-hat, hi-vis heroes toiling at the tarmac up and down the country, keeping Britain moving. On the receiving end are the frustrated, road-raging public stuck in endless queues and gridlocked traffic. Roadworks are Britain's national obsession, but what's really going on behind the cones? And who are the men digging up our roads?

Me and My...
Channel 5,


| Drama

Following the critically acclaimed and highly emotive "My Name Is... And I'm An Alcoholic", this series will offer five more uniquely frank films based around different, eminently relatable, human stories of desperation, transformation and life at its most raw. Told once again by real people down the lens, each story is in turn honest and brave, and at times, humorous and heartbreaking.

My Mum's Hotter Than Me!

My Mum's Hotter Than Me! is a reality show that features parents who will do anything to look hotter than their kids.

Diet Secrets and How to Lose Weight

Infotainment series giving the skinny on what makes us fat and the surest way to successfully lose weight.

Jane McDonald & Friends
Channel 5,


| Family
Rating: 3/5

Jane & Friends is a variety show in which Jane McDonald performs her favourite songs with her live band. The audience is an integral part of the programme, joining in the songs and sharing the banter. Jane is joined by guest artists and groups performing current songs, classic hits and occasionally duets with Jane herself.

Shop Smart, Save Money

Topical consumer series presented by Fiona Phillips and Gaby Roslin.

Great British Gardens: Season by Season with Carol Klein

Carol Klein witnesses some of Britain's most treasured outdoor spaces throughout the four seasons.

When TV Goes Horribly Wrong

A collection of epic fails from various genres of TV.

Doing Drugs for Fun?
Channel 5,


| Documentary
Rating: 3/5

Four casual cocaine users are going on camera to talk frankly about their use of the Class A and to find out everything they didn't know about their favourite party drug. Public relations consultant, Amber, 28, from Kent, and airport load operator, Louis, 26, from Manchester, are joined by model and make-up artist, Chanel, 25, from Bristol, and supermarket worker, Troi, 20, from Somerset. Together they embark on a voyage of discovery: from learning the science of what cocaine does to the human body, to witnessing the drug's startling origin in the Amazon rainforests of Colombia, and understanding the effect it's having across Britain. Are a few lines on a Saturday night really as harmless as they believe?

World's Greatest Warships

Charting the history of the warship from the dawn of the 20th century to the present day, drawing on expert interviews, footage and computer-generated animations.