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Murder on the Internet
Channel 5,


| Crime

Crimes involving dating apps have risen seven fold in the past two years with more than 400 offenses reported to police last year - including assault, rape, child sex grooming and even murder. This two-part documentary looks at some of the most shocking crimes committed by people using online dating as a way of finding their victims, revealing why greater public awareness of the risks of using such apps is needed.

How the Victorians Built Britain

This series travels the length and breadth of Britain to find out how the Victorians built Britain. It uncovers the incredible and surprising stories behind iconic landmarks; discovers the hidden heroes behind the epic constructions; and finds out how the incredible advances made by the Victorians forged the world we live in today.

Extreme Fishing with Robson Green

Experienced fly-fisherman and actor Robson Green travels the globe in search of the wildest, most elusive fish in the sea.

Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge
Channel 5,


| Travel, Wildlife, Game Show
Rating: 4.5/5

This show follows Robson Green as he undertakes a round-the-world trip to experience some of the most extreme fishing destinations. Each week he also challenges local experts to five rounds of angling to see who can catch the biggest fish.

The Tube: Going Underground

London is getting bigger - and its 150-year-old underground network has to keep up. This eight-part series meets the staff working to make that happen, including station supervisor Tony, who this week unveils a controversial solution to an escalator overcrowding problem at Holborn. Line service controller Charlotte reveals the incredibly precise timing that keeps the Piccadilly line running, and an Arsenal home game causes chaos at Highbury & Islington station when fans and commuters collide at rush hour. A fascinating look at the effort, energy and composure required to run something the capital takes for granted.

Supernatural Nazis
Channel 5,


| Documentary
Rating: 3/5

Documentary series exploring Hitler and the Nazis' attempts to harness religion and dark magic to further their own ends.

Bad Girls Behind Bars

Documentary series offering an intimate look at being a woman in a US jail.

Benefits Britain: Life on the Dole

The show lifts the lid on the reality of those in Britain living off of the state. Since welfare state launched, more Brit's then ever now claim benefits, with some people never working a day in their life.

10,000 BC

Twenty men and women from every conceivable walk of life in modern Britain, are about to find out - the hard way. They have agreed to give up everything - possessions, technology, their home, creature comforts, ready meals, water on tap and their privacy - all to live in the wilderness as a Stone Age community.

Make or Break

Make or Break is a reality series in which a group of miserable lovers are flown out to a Mexican party hotspot to see if their relationship will sink or swim. Hanging out with like-minded couples, loyalties will be put to the test as temptations are thrown their way.Couples will be allowed to flirt and date with other people on the trip but will also be given a chance to give their previous relationships a second chance.

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