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Harald Eia presenterer - Sånn er NorgeHarald Eia presenterer - Sånn er Norge

Norway is the world's most successful society. What have we done to get there? Harald Eia sheds a new light on our marvelous country.

NRK1, 2018 | Comedy

Match is about Stian, an ordinary guy in the middle of twentieth with quite common mid-twenty-seven problems. The only thing that distinguishes Stian from others is the two sports commentators who, from their commentator bu, provide ongoing comments and analyzes of everything Stian does. Stian can not see them, but they see him. And commentators are more than willing to talk tactics, achievements and probable potential losses as soon as Stian faces a challenge.

Struggle for LifeStruggle for Life
NRK1, 2014 | Comedy, Drama

Struggle for Life is about the linguist Tomasz Novak (28) traveling from Warsaw to Norway to collect what he believes is a quick buck from a father he has never met. His project is proving to take time and along the way he becomes ever more integrated in the Norwegian society, represented by a privileged and well-meaning group of citizens, which in turn gives us a picture of the current Norwegian life.

Da vi styrte landetDa vi styrte landet
NRK1, 2017 | Documentary

When we ruled the country (Norway) is the story of the most powerful people of our time. Our six last living prime ministers meet to talk about the very special life of being prime minister.

Monsen og hundeneMonsen og hundene
NRK1, 2012 | Documentary

Lars Monsen wants to become the world's best musher. If he is going to be the best, it requires long-term efforts. He has given himself five years to train a dog sled team, support team and himself.

Plow awayPlow away

Come where the winter is the longest and the distances the furthest. In blowing snow and storm, the plow crews fight an eternal struggle against the forces of nature. Without them Finnmark would stop. Stein Eivind, Lena and Hans has taken the challenge, at a mountain pass each - for them the road is the target.

Team IngebrigtsenTeam Ingebrigtsen

Norwegian documentary series. Behind the brothers Henrik, Filip and Jakob Ingebrigtsen stands a large family that is completely out of the ordinary. Over four years, the family gives us unparalleled access to their lives, ups and downs, on the tough road to success or failure.


Trygdekontoret is a Norwegian humor talkshow led by Thomas Seltzer. The show is produced by NRK and is broadcast on NRK3. In the programs Seltzer discusses actual and non-actual matters.

Ukens VinnerUkens Vinner
NRK1, 2016 | Comedy, Talk Shows
Rating: 5/5

The fat one, the cynical one, and the old one from the radio show Radioresepsjonen, try to make a show where they decide the winner of the week from the news.

Kodenavn HunterKodenavn Hunter

Kodenavn Hunter is a realistic hardcore Norwegian crime drama that shows a secret side of police work. Moreover, it offers a love story you will never forget.

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