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Humanity Has DeclinedHumanity Has Declined

It has been several centuries since human population has declined. Food has become harder to find and what little sources the humans have are considered highly valuable. The most prosperous species on the Earth are "Fairies", 10 cm tall creatures with high intelligence and a great love for sweets. A nameless girl, the main character, became a UN arbitrator between the humans and the fairies and had returned to her hometown to help her grandfather. One day, the village is sent some strange products made by a company called FairyCo. Since the villagers are wary of using the products, the girl, her grandfather, and a nameless boy decide to go to the factory to find out about the mysterious products and who is behind making them.

The Laughing SalesmanThe Laughing Salesman

Each episode follows Fukuzou Moguro, a traveling salesman, and his current customer. Moguro deals in things that give his customers their heart's desire, and once his deals are made and their unhealthy desires are satisfied, Moguro's customers are often left with terrible repercussions, especially if they break the rules of his deals...

Gift Eternal RainbowGift Eternal Rainbow

At the railway station we see a sad departing of a little boy and a girl. "Sayonara" is the last word Riko says and the train depart leaving little Haruhiko and his father looking at the train which gradually disappear. Suddenly we see a Rock band poster known as Moon Pistons and the sound of a weird Alarm which turns out to be Kamen Rider Super Alarm clock. It seems like Kirino wakes up Haruhiko from bed and after a sarcastic remark Haruhiko made towards Kirino they settle down with breakfast. When they exit the house, all of a sudden, a pig-tailed girl with a flying broom comes and knock our hero along to the sky where Haruhiko tries hard to hang on the broom in the sky to avoid falling to his death. Anyways, Haruhiko falls anyways and miraculously survives in 1 piece. In the town anything could happen even the most extraordinary events henceforth Haruhiko wasn't too surprised with the unfortunate event that just happened to him and proceed to walk to school with Kirino. In the town of Narasaki, people were bestowed with a mysterious ability known as GIFT which is a power to make a miracle happen once in a lifetime. So what's the truth behind this Gift? What is this Gift originate? And who is the beautiful girl who just step down from the train?

Aria The AvvenireAria The Avvenire

Now that Akari Mizunashi is a Prima Undine and head of the Aria Company with her own apprentice, Ai Aino, she can't help but reminisce about her time as a Single. She has new responsibilities and much less time on her hands, but these changes bring with them new forms of miracles that Neo Venezia can give. Growing up into new roles is hard, but Akari can always count on the friends she's made on Aqua in times of need.

Business FishBusiness Fish
Tokyo MX, 2019 | Comedy

The anime features characters with human bodies and fish heads as office workers at an IT firm.

Majestic PrinceMajestic Prince

In the latter half of 21st century, humans leave the Earth and begin to live in space. In order to adapt to the environment in space and deal with the hostile aliens in Jupiter, genetically engineered children called "Princes" are artificially raised and trained to be pilots of armed robots "AHSMB (Advanced High Standard Multipurpose Battle Device). This is a story about one of the teenage "Princes", Hitachi O Izuru, who studies in an academic city Grandzehle.

Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai EnikkiKiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki

This is the visual diary of Kiitarou's experience with youkai. He's a boy with a very strong spirit sense, but when he entered a forbidden storehouse, he was kicked out of his home. He soon found a new place to live, where he met a zashiki warashi (house spirit) named Suzu. He and Suzu soon began to attract all kinds of spirit creatures, starting with a nurikabe (appears as a wall that impedes travelers) and mokumokuren (appears as eyes in a torn paper wall). What kind of folkloric creature will he meet next?

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