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Digging for the Truth

Digging for the Truth is an original series by the History Channel. It's hosted by author/explorer/survivor expert Josh Bernstein. He travels the world in search of history's greatest ancient mysteries. The show premiered in January 2005 and is the highest rated History Channel program to date.

Night Class

The show takes viewers on a journey through history's unforgettable moments...and some that should be forgotten.

Decoding the Past

The show "decodes" the past by looking for unusual, and mysterious things written about throughout history that may give clues as to what will happen in the future.

Secrets in the Dust

Through its ability to make us dream and marvel at the achievements of the past, archaeology has evolved from an inconspicuous discipline based on ruins and fragments into one of the most attention-grabbing fields of scientific study today. This series presents not only some of the most groundbreaking archaeological discoveries, but also the turbulent history of archaeology itself, with its adventurers and grave robbers, its embittered rivals and passionate visionaries.

Project Impossible

Project Impossible is an original series that follows a new generation of epic engineering projects that were considered unthinkable just a few years ago. Each episode of Project Impossible features multiple stories that illustrate man-made projects that are crucial to our future.

Monument Guys

Some people make history with their actions, and some people make it with molten bronze. At the Crucible Foundry in Norman Oklahoma, brothers Mark and Steve Palmerton, and sculptor Craig Campbell, research, sculpt, and cast bronze statues of deserving heroes—dead and alive, celebrated and forgotten. In small towns across America, these monuments ensure a legacy that will last for thousands of years, and the crew at the Crucible will go to any means to make sure they're done right.

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