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True TearsTrue Tears

Shinichiro is a student living in what would be a dream come true for most high school boys, but for him is mostly a frustration. A well liked girl in school named Hiromi has lived in his house for a year along with his family. Her father was a close friend of the family, and when he died they immediately took her in. She is popular and well liked, always smiles, is talented in sports- but Shinichiro knows there must be tears inside her. Having an artistic tendency, he makes watercolors of her and thinks about wishing to ease her tears. Yet he cannot bring up the nerve to talk to her even in his own home. She, too, is quiet and withdrawn in their house, quite unlike at school. Shinichiro is also distracted by teasing from his friend Nobuse for watching Hiromi from afar, a curse of bad luck from a strange girl named Noe, and being forced to perform Muhiga dancing. By helping Noe he hopes to ease his own problems, yet he seems to have difficulty helping himself.


Hikari Hanazono has since childhood always been second to her friend Kei Takishima. Everyone knows that Kei secretly lives Hikari, everyone but Hikari herself that is, she is too dense to notice and puts all her energy into beating Kei in anything. Things have been like this every since they were six, when their fathers made them wrestle and Kei won, that day Hikari swore that she would beat Kei in something. The series takes place when both of them are attending one of the best schools in Japan and during the series we get to see mostly how Hikari tries to beat Kei, but also see how their relationship develops.

Kemeko Deluxe!Kemeko Deluxe!

On a regular day, in a regular room in front of a regular high school boy appears a not so regular robot who claims the boy as her husband and then suddenly a beautiful girl comes out of the robots head and it appears it is someone who the boy knew ten years ago and had been promised she would marry the regular high school boy.

Myself; YourselfMyself; Yourself

Sana Hikada returns to his hometown after 5 years away living in Tokyo. Although there are some changes to the town, most has remained the same. On a detour to his apartments, he notices a girl in a shrine maiden outfit watching him when he visits the shrine. He finds out, the next day at school, that this girl is actually Nanaka Yatsushiro, his old childhood friend whom he gave a bracelet to before he left, that she still wears, even to this day.

Rumbling HeartsRumbling Hearts

At first, Takayuki Narumi is befriended by Mitsuki Hayase only because Mitsuki's best friend, Haruka Suzumiya has a crush on him; however since then, Takayuki, his pal Shinji Taira, and Mitsuki have grown to be the best of friends. Then one day, Haruka confesses to Takayuki her love for him. Not wanting to hurt her feelings, Takayuki agrees to go out with her. After a few incidents, their relationship gets intimate, even while Takayuki and Mitsuki begin to realize their feelings for each other. But suddenly, when tragedy strikes, things are never the same for these four friends again.