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The Physical ChemistryThe Physical Chemistry
Antena 3, 2009 | Comedy, Drama
Rating: 3.5/5

The students are hyaenas, never show them your fears. Never! A spanish series centered around the teachers and students at Zurbarán secondary school. Love, Action, Drama, Friendship lots of Surprisings and funny moments! It all begins with a dark secret that cost two students their life. But that's just the first shocking moment that will capture your breath.


In the small Castilian-Leonese town of Torrecillas, meat-processing businessman Francisco (Antonio Garrido) imports cheap and low-quality pigs from Portugal. The veterinarian in his slaughterhouse is his brother-in-law Alfonso (Pepe Viyuela), a weak man who is fed up with looking the other way and certifying animals of dubious quality.

Sin IdentidadSin Identidad
Antena 3, 2014 | Drama, Action, Adventure, Crime
Rating: 5/5

A Spanish television series produced by Diagonal TV for Antena 3.

The ProtectedThe Protected
Antena 3, 2010 | Comedy, Action, Adventure, Thriller
Rating: 5/5

The protected tells the story of a number of people living in the fictional town of Lost Valley posing as a family, Castillo Rey. The reason, the supernatural powers that unless the "fathers" of this family, possessed by members of the same, which lead them to be chased by a group of people with unknown intentions. Its members are Mario (Antonio Garrido) and his son Carlos (Daniel Avilés), a child who mastered telekinesis, Jimena (Angie Cepeda), whose daughter Blanca, endowed with precognitive powers was kidnapped by people who hide themselves Culebra ( Luis Fernandez), a teenager with the ability to become invisible at will, Sandra (Ana Fernandez), holder of a power related to electricity, the little Lucy (Priscilla Delgado), adopted daughter of a social worker and has the ability to read people's thoughts and Lucas (Mario March), a boy of 14 years with the option of transforming into other people whose complete arrival later this singular family, which after fleeing their homes must hide his secret from their neighbors and coworkers and new studies. Its aim will be live as if you have always known, lead a normal life as possible, without their neighbors and find out they are not such a family and children have peculiar powers.

45 rpm45 rpm

The birth of a music label and three characters fighting for their dreams inside the complex inside the music industry.

La EmbajadaLa Embajada

Luis Salinas is the new Spanish ambassador in Thailand and has just moved with his family to Bangkok aiming to clean the embassy from any trace of corruption.

Ninja Warrior (ES)Ninja Warrior (ES)

The world's top fighters, wrestlers, and athletes compete in one of the most difficult physical contests ever devised. Of the 1,900 people that have attempted to complete stage one since 1997, only about 200 have succeeded. Of the 200 that passed stage one, only 3 people have gone on to complete all four stages and have the title of Ninja Warrior.

El secreto de Puente ViejoEl secreto de Puente Viejo

A daily series that take full advantage of the premises of romantic classic literature: impossible love, revenge, betrayal... and unspeakable secrets.

The Bored WitchThe Bored Witch

Like all the witches, the Bored Witch lives extraordinary adventures. But , contrary to tradition... the Bored Witch isn't always successful. Her adventures are full of humorous incidents. The Bored Witch is a funny character. She doesn't scare children. Using her abilities, more magical than evil, she changes daily monotony. The Bored Witch, with her traditional get-up, lives in today's world. her multiple trips worldwide help children to get acquainted with different countries. Her magic broomstick is equiped with the latest in jet propulsion and communication gadgets. The confrontation between today's reality and the witch's folklore-ish world gives rise to a number of humorous situations. Her trips are an invitation to travel. Her world blends reality an imagination: anything is possible for the Bored Witch.

Por el mundo a los 80Por el mundo a los 80

A group of six dreamers whose ages are around 80 years have decided to join the journey of their lives to know the world and leave their mark on it. These not-so-young adventurers, led by Arturo Valls, have barely left their homes and are now going around the world along with a group of strangers. They will leave their lives behind to start a new one by immersing themselves in very different cultures and living with their people. In addition, in each country one of the dreams that our travelers left along the way will be fulfilled. Because there is something that unites them, their desire to enjoy life. A unique experience in a unique moment of their lives.

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