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La Voz Kids (2018)La Voz Kids (2018)

La Voz Kids (2018) is a thrilling talent show that captivates audiences as it showcases the incredible vocal abilities of children aged 7 to 14. Set in a high-stakes competition format, this Spanish adaptation of the internationally acclaimed "The Voice Kids" features celebrity coaches guiding the young performers through a series of auditions, battles, and live performances, as they vie for the title of "La Voz Kids" champion.

El DesafíoEl Desafío
Antena 3, 2021 Running | Family, Game Show

The Challenge is a weekly contest in which a group of celebrities face difficult tests in order to be the best in the game.

Strip DatesStrip Dates
Antena 3, 2022 On Hiatus | Reality

A person has to decide between three suitors who are without clothes. To uncover parts of his body, the person must take off a piece of clothing as well. Finally, in order to make a match and have the show invite them to dinner, they must agree to get to know each other, completely naked, before seeing each other's faces.

Masters de la ReformaMasters de la Reforma
Antena 3, 2019 Cancelled/Ended | Family, Housing/Building, Reality, Game Show

Masters of the reform is a talent show in which ten couples with some bond (friends, family, sentimental couples ...) compete in order to be the best amateur interior designers of the country. For this, they perform a series of tests both on the set and in external locations, spread throughout the Spanish geography. In each test, couples must reform any type of residence or location according to a theme, which changes with each challenge. Then, the jury assesses both the process and the result and chooses the couple that has to leave the contest, thus deciding which duo is the winner in the final gala.

Por el mundo a los 80Por el mundo a los 80
Antena 3, 2019 Cancelled/Ended | Travel, Reality, Documentary

A group of six dreamers whose ages are around 80 years have decided to join the journey of their lives to know the world and leave their mark on it. These not-so-young adventurers, led by Arturo Valls, have barely left their homes and are now going around the world along with a group of strangers. They will leave their lives behind to start a new one by immersing themselves in very different cultures and living with their people. In addition, in each country one of the dreams that our travelers left along the way will be fulfilled. Because there is something that unites them, their desire to enjoy life. A unique experience in a unique moment of their lives.

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