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Secrets of the ZooSecrets of the Zoo
Nat Geo Wild, 2018 | Reality, Documentary
Rating: 4.7/5

More than 175 million Americans visit a zoo every year, but nothing compares to the behind-the-scenes experience we deliver," Geoff Daniels, executive vice president and general manager of Nat Geo WILD said in a press release. "Thanks to the Columbus Zoo and their incredible staff, our audience of animal lovers and their families will get an exclusive golden ticket to witness all the extraordinary work, heartwarming stories and inspiring moments most people never see at a place where the passion and commitment to wildlife has to be seen to be believed!"

Dr. Oakley, Yukon VetDr. Oakley, Yukon Vet
Nat Geo Wild, 2014 | Family, Medical, Wildlife, Reality
Rating: 4.8/5

The show follows the experienced Dr. Michelle Oakley, veterinarian, as she makes house calls across thousands of square miles in the Yukon helping many species of animals, including an angry muskox, a caribou with a tumor, a defensive mama lynx, and a grey owl with an amputated wing. Accompanied by her teenage daughters and armed with humor as sharp as a scalpel, Dr. Oakley deftly juggles being a full-time veterinarian, wife and mom while taking us into the isolated regions of the Yukon.

Dr. K's Exotic Animal ERDr. K's Exotic Animal ER
Nat Geo Wild, 2014 | Drama, Medical, Wildlife, Reality
Rating: 3.7/5

Dr. Susan Kelleher owns and operates one of the busiest exotic animal care practices located in South Florida, Broward Avian and Exotics Animal Hospital. "Everything but dogs and cats. If it will fit through the door, I'll treat it!" is Dr. K's motto. And through the door they come. Rabbits, reptiles and birds of all shapes and sizes, foxes, ferrets, fish, marsupials, and even primates.

Secrets of the Zoo: TampaSecrets of the Zoo: Tampa
Nat Geo Wild, 2020 | Family, Documentary
Rating: 4/5

Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa embraces the wild side of the Sunshine State. With a stellar zoo team devoted to the exotic cast of animals, this dedicated team cares for both their lovable zoo family as well as rescues and rehabs animals in need, including orphaned black bear cubs, injured panthers, manatees, otters and alligators.

Secrets of the Zoo: Down UnderSecrets of the Zoo: Down Under
Nat Geo Wild, 2020 | Documentary
Rating: 4.7/5

A behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run the Taronga Zoo Sydney, Australia's largest zoo, located on the shores of Sydney Harbour.

Secrets of the Zoo: North CarolinaSecrets of the Zoo: North Carolina

North Carolina is home to the world's largest zoo, with 2,600 acres, large natural habitats and more than 1,800 animals in its care. The show features several Zoo staff, including keepers and veterinarians, and highlight stories, including routine animal husbandry, emergency procedures and the Zoo's work in conservation and rescue and release of injured wildlife

Savage KingdomSavage Kingdom

In Savage Kingdomwarring animal clans battle for survival in a remote region of Africa. The winners are rewarded with the richest hunting grounds in the kingdom; the losers are fated to exile... or death.

Dr. T Lone Star VetDr. T Lone Star Vet
Nat Geo Wild, 2019 | Family, Reality, Documentary
Rating: 5/5

The show features Dr. Lauren's Thielen's return to her hometown in Texas as she takes her place at one of the largest animal clinics. It documents her exploits running her own animal hospital this time.

Alaska Animal RescueAlaska Animal Rescue
Nat Geo Wild, 2020 | Documentary
Rating: 4.5/5

Dedicated first responders, veterinarians and animal caretakers from the Alaska SeaLife Center, the Alaska Raptor Center and the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center brave dangerous terrain and unforgiving climates to respond to animals in need.

Dog: ImpossibleDog: Impossible
Nat Geo Wild, 2019 | Reality, Documentary | ► Trailer
Rating: 5/5

The series invites viewers on an inspiring, uplifting journey with dog behavior specialist Matt Beisner, who has dedicated his life to working with some of the most dangerous, most aggressive and most misunderstood dogs in the country. These are dogs everyone else has given up on - even other trainers. In many cases, they are in danger of being put down. But, while everyone else may think there is no hope for these dogs, Beisner is making a difference in the lives of dogs and their owners around the country.

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