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When Predators AttackWhen Predators Attack

Watch what unfolds when the world's deadliest predators face off against prey and people. Discover the reasons behind close encounters and the secrets to great escapes.

Wild Sri LankaWild Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tropical island in the Indian Ocean, off the southeastern coast of India. This land was wracked by civil war for decades. But now, researchers can bring modern science and technology to bear, in order to take stock of what lives here.

United States of AnimalsUnited States of Animals

United States of Animals is a fast-paced and fun new Nat Geo WILD series that takes you on a fascinating journey across the United States.

Wild NileWild Nile

Wonders of a trip down the Nile.

Flamingo RoadFlamingo Road
Nat Geo Wild, 1981 | Drama, Soaps, Romance
Rating: 1/5

A Florida senatorial hopeful falls for a dancer.

Alpha DogsAlpha Dogs

The show will go inside the training of the special elite force of K-9s dedicated to serving the country. Each 30-minute episode of the National Geographic Wild series will explore the happenings at Indiana's Vohne Liche Kennels, one of the largest police dog training facilities in the nation.

America's Wild SeasonsAmerica's Wild Seasons

America's Wild Seasons is a landmark four-part documentary series that celebrates the drama and spectacle of the American wilderness, captured over the course of a turbulent and perilous year. On the ground, in the air and beneath the waves, the changing conditions provide a distinctive narrative arc as every wild inhabitant confronts life and death challenges.

Fish My City With Mike IacinelliFish My City With Mike Iacinelli
Nat Geo Wild, 2018 | Reality
Rating: 4/5

Professional bass fisherman and TV personality Mike "Ike" Iaconelli searches for the world's most iconic fish living alongside some of the world's busiest concrete jungles.

Wild AmazonWild Amazon

Wild Amazon takes you deep into the heart of the Amazon on a journey you will never forget! Home to the largest rainforest and mightiest river on earth, the Amazon is home to a huge variety of creatures greater than anywhere else in the world, from the elusive jaguar to diminutive leaf cutter ants; where turtles strike as fast as a snake and spiders protect frogs.

China's Wild SideChina's Wild Side

Explore two very different wildlife ecosystems that are both surprising and rich with diversity. Tibet, dominated by a vast high altitude plateau, is home to animals that have evolved to cope with the thin air; from the great bovine, the wild yak, to snake that can only live in volcanic springs. While, Yunnan -a lush subtropical paradise - has perhaps the greatest diversity of all of China's regions, home to the nation's only elephants, as well as the highest living primates on earth, the bizarre snub-nosed monkeys.

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